Dermaquest is about to launch its Dermlash eyelash growth product as an eyeliner. There will be four colors: black, indigo, plum and cocoa. I have tried and reviewed the original, clear Dermalash and am delighted to say that, at least for me, it works. My eyelashes grew thicker and a bit longer.

I presume (because there isn't any info up on the Dermquest website) that Dermalash Colors come with the same formula of botanicals and antioxidants. These include ussilago farfara, commonly called colts foot or coughwort. This is a well-known expectorant, but it is believed to have an effect on hair growth (and hence appears in a fair few hair restoration products) because it contains cystine, an amino acid that is in keratin. There are also a couple of members of the vitamin B family and lactose.