Although I don't use Dermalogica's products, I know happy people who do and I like to keep an eye on them (the products, I mean) because Dermalogica often sources interesting anti-aging ingredients. Super Rich Repair is a good example. It contains palmitoyl tripeptide-5.

If glycerin (presumably in some magical, proprietary formulation) is mixed with palmitoyl tripeptide-5 it produces something Syn-coll (the trademark name), a peptide that can mimic the body's mechanism to produce collagen. In a 1-3% concentration (Dermalogica doesn't say how much is in Super Rich Repair), it is supposed to not just stimulate collagen but to also reduce existing wrinkles.

There has been a clinical trial that over 84 days showed an impressive 350% improvement on existing wrinkles and a 119% improvement in collagen production. The study was performed on 64 volunteers.

The maker of Syn-coll says it is a viable alternative to collagen injections. I don't know about that, but since collagen injections last no more than a few months they seem, to me, to be a monumental waste of time and money. Dermalogica, or another cream containing this peptide, seems worth trying out.

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