Dermalogica has an interesting vitamin C product that uses MAP (superior to ascorbic acid, although still not the best form of vitamin C), so I was intrigued by a sample pack of the company's Sheer Moisturizer. If you want a light moisturizer with a safe sunscreen ingredient, then Dermalogica's Sheer Moisturizer is pretty good.

I can't say its fabulous though. There are no really standout ingredients and, in addition to a couple of light moisturizing ingredients, there is some silicone that will make the skin feel soft and protect it, but not much else. There are four essential oils. Of the 34 ingredients, most of them are pH balancers, emollients and emulsifers.

There are a couple of ingredients that are somewhat controversial: lactemide MEA is said by the Cosmetic Safety Database to be linked to cancer and organ toxicity (I couldn't find any other reference that corroborated this) and phenoxythenal, a preservative that is well-documented as an irritant.