After successfully using a couple of products in a skin care line, you begin to have high expectations for their other products, too.  In previous reviews I found I really liked the Dermophisiologique Optyma Eye Cream and their Polivalente Crema Tonificante.  Since both products performed well for me, I began using their Coeo Serum somewhat confident that positive results were on their way.

The claims on their box are that this is a highly intensive concentrate that restructures and use stimulates the increase of new connective tissues against aging skin.  However, after several weeks of consistent use, I have to set this one aside and honestly say that it did nothing for me.

I began use on my face, but after the first two weeks also started applying it to my neck and the back of only one hand.  I found this to be a very thin, clear, fragrance free serum that pumped out easily and absorbed very quickly.  One of the key ingredients noted (second on the list) is hyaluronic acid, which usually helps to plump and moisturize my skin, but surprisingly that never happened.  The information insert inside the box also listed vitamins A, E, and C and amino acids as active principals that also usually make their own positive contributions.

Now, several weeks have passed and although this product didn’t have any adverse effects such as to break me out or increase oiliness, it unfortunately also didn’t produce any positive results for me.  So, a bit disappointed, I cannot recommend this one.


Aqua (water), hyaluronic acid, hydrolized glycosaminoglycans, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange fruit extract), manganese pca, magnesium pca, potassium pca, calcium pca, zinc pca, glycine, hydroxyethylcellulose, benzophenone-4, citrus grandis (grapefruit extract), glycerin.