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Discover With Marta Holiday Collection is here

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Sagging Skin
November 16, 2012 Reviewed by Marta 6 Comments

The Discover With Marta Holiday Collection is now available. The new collection is now shipping to Discover With Marta members and they have a great haul to look forward to: a great mix of Truth In Aging “classics” and our latest intriguing finds.

If you are not a member, do join us. Membership costs $144 a year for six collections of deluxe and always-exciting samples. It’s a fantastic way to try out my recommendations before splurging on the full size. Many members also buy a subscription as a gift for a friend or relative. The Discover With Marta Holiday Collection includes:

ReLuma Skin Illuminating Anti-Aging Serum, .17oz (Full Retail Size 20ml, $145 in the TIA shop). ReLuma’s facial serum is a potent treatment for wrinkle repair that uses a complex formula of growth factors to signal skin cells and produce new collagen. A two-time Truth In Aging Five Best serum, this is easily one of my favorite anti-wrinkle serums. ReLuma requires a little patience. In my experience, it takes four to five weeks to see results. But what results! ReLuma had a very noticeable impact on deeper wrinkles.

M.A.D Illuminating Daily Moisturizer, .13oz (Full Retail Size 1.7oz) M.A.D Illuminating Daily Moisturizer describes itself as a “lightweight daily moisturizer,” but don’t expect something that is watery or unsubstantial. M.A.D is a line that formulates for aging skin and this daily moisturizer feels nourishing without being at all heavy or greasy. The Daily Moisturizer contains key actives such as B-White and Lumiskin alongside a handful of botanicals with skin-lightening powers for an all-over illuminating effect.

Me & the Girls MOON Night Facial Moisturizer, .25oz (Full Retail Size 1oz, $36 in the TIA shop). I love the name and that they support organizations that help young women. A new find, you’ll be discovering this moisturizer with me. (I already like the scrub and the Moon serum). This vitamin-E rich cream promises to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores soft supple skin. Cupuacu butter is with oil of evening primrose and antioxidant botanicals.

NEW Formula Your Best Face Prep Microdermabrasion, .9oz (Full Retail Size 1.7oz, $80 – New version available in the TIA shop first week of December). Your Best Face co-founder and chief formulator, Darrell Owens, says that if you could only have one YBF product, choose Prep. It’s a multitasker – an antioxidant-rich exfoliator and mask – that, by prepping the skin, enhances the effectiveness of products that you follow it with. Darrell has reformulated it and now it’s even better. I find it creamier and more comfortable to use yet it hasn’t compromised on the exfoliation: new Prep’s skin-smoothing, pore-closing abilities get to be addictive.

Mukti Rejuvenating Eye Balm, .35oz (Full Retail Size 10g, $39). Mukti is one of TIA’s favorite new brands from Down Under! I love their shampoo and body lotion. I will be discovering this one with you. It looks promising with antioxidant oils rich and essential fatty acids to promote cell regeneration, hydration and protection.

Living Nature Extra Hydrating Toning Gel, 1.7oz (Full Retail Size 100ml, $35 in the TIA shop). Another “Down Under” brand and this one makes my current go to cleanser. This toner is an alcohol-free gel that soothes, calms and restores the skin’s pH balance. Harakeke, active manuka honey and larch tree extract help this gel repair dehydration by drawing moisture into thirsty skin (it’s also great to soothe sunburn).

  • November 21, 2012

    by Julie Kay

    REALLY!!? a new Prep? I loved the old Prep. Hmmmm. Now I am in a full-blown ... connundrum. ~jk

  • November 21, 2012

    by Marta

    Gloria, I hope you'll tell us how you think the old the new Prep compare. Happy Thanksgiving

  • November 21, 2012

    by Gloria

    Oh I guess I missed that Marta. Thanks for clarifying this. Thank you again!

  • November 21, 2012

    by Marta

    Hi Gloria, actually you haven't tried the Prep - this is a brand new formula and you are getting to try it before it goes on sale.

  • November 21, 2012

    by Gloria

    I received my new collection and it is once again a wonderful collection of new things. I am excited to try these with you Marta. The only thing I have tried already are the Reluma serum and the YBF Prep. I love having these in travel size now. The new case is absolutely beautiful.

  • November 16, 2012

    by stephanie

    I am *so excited* for this package to arrive!!!!

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