When I posted on a homemade face mask using parsley based on a recipe from Ildi my esthetician, there was a great response (rightly so, this is one face tightener). One of the readers who tried it was none other than the founder of Your Best Face, who wrote to me to tell me he enjoyed improvising by adding in the odd antiaging ingredient, such as spin trap. We got to chatting about how cool it would be to able to provide kits of pure ingredients, to which people could raid the refrigerator and add in their own papaya, or parsley, or whatever.

Our day jobs got in the way of us doing much about this, but now I am thrilled that Your Best Face is going to work with Truth In Aging to create do it yourself kits that will be available in our store and allow our community to unleash their inner mad scientist and make their own cosmetics.

We know by the run we had on the pots of vitamin C that we once gave away, that vitamin essentials are probably on your wish list. What we also need to know is whether you'd like to make serums, masks whatever? Would you like them to graded by ease of use? And what kinds of quantities - enough for one product, or do you think you'd like a pack that's big enough to make gifts for your friends?