Reviewed by Erin on November 23, 2012


When it comes to skincare, I try to be especially careful about my face. My face can be very sensitive and breaks out very easily if I don’t use the right products. Naturally, I was very cautious when I first received the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel ($60) because I was unsure of the effects it would have on my face. According to the brand’s website, Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Soothing Gel is “good for [use on] sensitive skin and post waxing;” perfect for use on my sensitive face. These words, along with the list of natural and organic ingredients on the back of the bottle were enough to put my mind at ease about using the product.

I used the soothing gel for a little over a month and the results were very positive. As the bottle says, the product is perfect for use immediately after a facial waxing or threading treatment. After I had my eyebrows threaded, I used a dime sized amount around that area of my face, and as the website promised, the burn that immediately follows this type of treatment subsided, leaving my face feeling smooth and soft.

The first week, I only used the soothing gel once as I was under the impression that it was only for use after waxing or threading treatments. I checked the website and found that the gel can also be used to treat acne or bumps around the face. Although my face is generally very smooth, I did find a need to use the product on my forehead area where I had begun to develop some bumps. I began applying the gel once daily to the affect area of my forehead; the area no longer felt irritated and the bumps disappeared soon after.

In the end, I was very happy with Dr. Alkaitis’ Organic Soothing Gel and would definitely use it again, even if I only needed to apply it to avoid irritation after eyebrow threading.