Apparently, we have all been neglecting our necks -- personally, I just extend my facial regime to my throat. Expect to the cosmetic industry coming up with targeted potions. Dr Brandt has one called V-Zone Neck Cream and it won an Allure magazine Editor's Award. I can't work out for the life of me why.

Apart from the sexy jar, it is fairly blah. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing very persuasive about it. It has squalane and shea butter for moisturizing and glycolic acid for shedding old skin cells. Plus there is exact of green tea (anti-oxidant) willow bark (mainly used in cosmetics as an astringent).

Then there is a couple of things I would prefer to keep in the kitchen, such as corn starch and canola oil. Castor oil is also used (there  is no evidence of its therapeutic effect on the skin).

At $60 Dr Brandt V-Zone isn't absurdly priced, but still one can only wonder at the profit margins of something that is fairly basic.