dr. dennis gross hyaluronic moisture cushion oil-free moisturizer

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Marta on August 24, 2015


Hydration and its retention is a key element in Dr. Dennis Gross‘ skin care philosophy. Aging skin gets drier and dry skin looks older. He was most insistent that my regimen of testers from his line – along with the brilliant Alpha Beta and a vitamin C serum – include Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion ($58 in the shop).

A cool blue with a light, whipped texture and a surprisingly refreshing feeling on impact with the skin, it is very different from a typical creamy moisturizer. I really like it – despite having to get past the first handful of silicones and polymers. This moisturizer is wonderfully absorbent and does its job all day.

I started out using it at night, but found that it worked best for me as a day cream as it has a slightly matting effect for my somewhat shine-prone skin. I would recommend it for anyone looking for intense hydration without any of the unwanted side effects that can come with a rich cream – this is an oil-free moisturizer that is non-clogging and non-greasy.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion lives up to its name with a cushiony bounce that meets the first dip of the finger in the pot. The moisturizer’s unusual consistency seems to be enveloping and soothing the skin and it feels incredibly comfortable all day long.  A soft dewy look is still apparent at the end of a working day.

According to Dr. Dennis Gross, the sodium hyaluronate draws in the moisture and then seals it in. It is ably backed up by phospholipids, another ingredient that draws in and retains moisture. Amongst the botanicals, I like watermelon extract, which contains antioxidant lycopenes. Another is cinnamon bark, which has been shown by studies to improve lipid function (lipids are the building blocks of cells).

The formula is rounded out by several skin brighteners including glycolic acid, lactic acid and sugar cane – all are natural alpha hydroxyl acids that help exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells. While not for purists, the good far outweighs the bad in this well-performing product.