Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Intense Moisture Cream

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Jane on April 13, 2016


I have reviewed a number of products for the TIA Community — some fantastic and some mediocre and Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Intense Moisture Cream ($125 in the shop) is in the former category. It is, simply put, absolutely fabulous.

My first impressions of the cream were quite positive: the scent is light and pleasant (an issue for those of us who suffer from migraines), the texture is smooth, very creamy, and luxurious and it is absorbed into the skin nicely. This moisture cream is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and is packed with anti-aging and detoxifying ingredients including vitamins A, C, and E, Ubiquinone/CoQ10, hyaluronic acid and essential oils to soothe, hydrate, and nourish the skin. According to Dr. Gross’ website, this intense moisture cream helps with a loss of firmness, dullness, dry skin, and sensitive skin and redness. Given my impressions and the information above, I was excited to see what the product could do for my skin.

I used Dr. Dennis Gross’ Hydra-Pure Intense Moisture Cream nightly for four weeks — it was too rich for day use for me, but it may well be perfect for me in the winter when my skin needs extra moisturizing. I noticed a difference almost immediately, my skin was thirsty and it soaked up this cream and without question looked smoother and brighter. I also noticed that my skin had a nice glow to it and I felt that it made my skin look younger and had better texture as it diminished the appearance of fine lines and imperfections. I should note that I changed nothing else about my skincare routine during my testing time period so that I could give a fair review of this moisture cream. 

My only criticism of the product is the packaging. I am not a fan of jar packaging as it is not hygienic and not necessary. Further, the packaging was bulky and bigger than it needed to be — giving the impression that there was more product than there actually was (this seems to be a common occurrence among higher end products, but this moisture cream comes in a respectable size of 1.7 oz and does not need to have such bulky packaging). Happily, the jar comes in a simple and nicely designed box and does not have any other bulky unnecessary packaging.

I’m very happy to recommend Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Intense Moisture Cream as a product that improves the skin’s texture, tone and overall appearance. Once my sample runs out, I will definitely purchase this product!