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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on February 24, 2016

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by Virginia W.
I have been using the Dr. Dennis Gross Root Resiliance Strengthening Shampoo ($42 in the shop) for the past month. I am in my 60s and have very fine hair and sensitive scalp. My usual routine is to shampoo but not follow with a conditioner as it makes my hair too soft.
I used the Dennis Gross shampoo as directed and did not need to do a double wash. The shampoo is a powerful mix of anti-aging amino acids, enzymes and peptides that are designed to penetrate the scalp. It is described as non irritating and that is the case even with daily use. These products are also cruelty free and vegan which appeals to many consumers. The main active ingredients in the shampoo are biotin to strengthen the hair and procyanidin-B2, extracted from apples (you can read more about it here), to promote healthy hair growth. When applied there is a tingling sensation on the scalp which is rather pleasant. It has a medicinal or herbal smell which did not bother me in the least.  
My issue with this product is that it was difficult for me to rinse out and my hair was more tangled than I would prefer. I think if paired with the companion conditioner it would work better but as I said, I like to avoid conditioners. My go-to hair cleanser is the Truth Vitality Shampoo. When I switched back to using  this product it was immediately clear how much easier it was for me to comb out my hair after shampooing.
I think the Dennis Gross shampoo is likely a very good match for someone with a bit more texture to their hair than I have. Mine is just too fine for this product and thus the tangles. That would be my only objection and would advise those interested in this shampoo to also try the conditioner. I did not have an issue with the feel, smell or final look after combed out. I just worried that over time I would be causing breakage of my fine hair due to the tangles.