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Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Eye Cream Review

is a Solution for:
Dark Circles, Fine Lines, Puffy Eyes, Sagging Skin
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Eye Cream
April 28, 2017 Reviewed by Angela T 1 Comment
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This energy-generating serum seems better suited for someone who is looking to prevent aging around the eyes rather than correct it


Lightens dark circles and smooths crinkles around the eyes


No improvement in crow's feet; may cause irritation

Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Eye Cream ($65) is a recent release that, according to the brand, helps address crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness. With deep set tear troughs, puffiness is, thankfully, one issue that I don’t have to fight. On the other hand, at 38 years old, crow’s feet and dark circles are definite issues that I have to contend with in my eye area. Although I cannot attest to the cream’s efficacy in reducing puffiness, there are two ingredients in the cream, carnitine and dipeptide-2, that are likely included to help with that concern.

As for crow’s feet (and wrinkles in general), the cream includes several ingredients to promote the synthesis of collagen. There are three forms of vitamin C in the cream — 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid and ascorbyl glucoside. 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid has been shown to be more stable than ascorbic acid in the presence of light, heat and air. Other ingredients in the cream that contribute to collagen building include ubiquinone, palmitoyl tripeptide-1, palmitoyl hexapeptide-12 and several amino acids.

In addition to vitamin C, the cream includes several antioxidants and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 to help prevent damage.  Palmitoyl tetrapeptide, through suppression of excess interleukins, inhibits inflammation and glycation damage. Lactic acid provides gentle exfoliation to help smooth the surface of the skin. GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) is used to simulate Botox by relaxing muscles, and pullulan forms a sheer film that provides an instant, but temporary, skin-tightening effect.

The cream seeks to address dark circles from multiple angles. Dipeptide-2 is thought to improve lymphatic circulation. Hesperidin methyl chalcone is purported to reduce the blood flowing through capillaries, as well as preventing leaking from veins under the eyes. Chrysin helps eliminate pigmented bilirubin and iron deposits. N-hydroxysuccinimide eliminates blood originated pigments. The cream also includes several skin-lightening or whitening ingredients, as well melanin-suppressing ones.

The cream is housed in a thin, cylindrical, airless pump bottle that is translucent orange.  I like that the translucent container allows you to see how much product you have at all times.  I keep my skincare products away from light, so I am not concerned about possible exposure that may occur with a translucent bottle. The consistency of the cream is neither overly thick nor thin and spreads easily, but it does take a little bit of time to fully absorb. There is a very light citrus scent to the cream.

I used the eye cream twice a day for four weeks. Like Marta, I also experienced an uncomfortable tingling in my eye area when I used the cream. However, the sensation did subside within a few minutes of application and I did not feel any sustained irritation. I had hoped that the uncomfortable tingling sensation when initially applied would eventually go away with continued use, but it did not.

At the end of my trial, the results are mixed. I have noticed some lightening and brightening of my under-eye circles. I have also noticed some firming around my eye area in that there has been a reduction in crepiness and crinkling. However, wrinkles that are not from crepiness have not seen improvement and even look a little worse.

Based on my results, I would say that this eye cream is better for someone looking to improve under-eye circles while also looking to prevent fine lines rather than to repair or improve existing lines and wrinkles. Also, given the uncomfortable tingling sensation that both Marta and I experienced, I would highly recommend getting a sample to try before buying. 

  • April 29, 2017

    by Marta

    Thank you for such a thorough review Angela. I was hoping that someone would love this but it seems it isn't a winner. I have been told that the tingling is normal and is caused by the GABA

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