dr dennis gross triple c peptide firming oil

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on December 2, 2015


by Ann Costa

I love the Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide FIrming Oil ($62 in the shop)! I’m in my mid-40s with dry skin and after testing this product my skin feels and looks so healthy and has a superb fresh glow that it is an instant confidence booster. 

I had been noticing more frequent dullness in my skin, especially if I found myself busy with life. My older friends all warned me that as I enter my mid-40s I would increasingly find that my dry skin would need extra attention and effort to maintain moisture, especially during the cold New England winters. As I age, my dry, dull skin was slowly becoming not just a winter month issue but one that I needed to solve year-round.

When I first contemplated trying this DDG oil, I was hesitant. My initial concerns were that my face would feel greasy, or maybe the oil would interfere with penetration of my other beauty products, or how I would fit an oil into my beauty routine when I have never used an oil. I am so thrilled to have tried this product. This will be my first Dr. Dennis Gross (DDG) product to securely earn a spot in my beauty product arsenal! This oil sinks into your skin immediately and leaves such a soft velvety texture.

The list of ingredients and their promoted benefits had me captivated. There are three types of vitamin C (as the name indicates), squalane, AHAs, BHAs, a list of lovely oils, and the immediate-acting hyaluronic acid. With all the hype on the benefits of vitamin C as a potent antioxidant to protect maturing skin and the fact that I had been looking for a vitamin C product, I had my first motivation to give this product a try.

The DDG peptide oil is designed to hydrate, renew and fortify weak skin. Squalane is the first ingredient, which is known to replenish moisture at skin's surface levels. The three types of vitamin C as well as other vitamins and oils pack some fabulous antioxidant protection and boost depleted skin. The peptides firm and brighten by improving the structure of the skin. This combination of ingredients is designed to result in a radiant, firm and rejuvenated complexion and for me that was precisely what I experienced.

I used the oil both day and night for a few weeks and found that using it in the morning was enough and worked best for me. Applying about 4 drops for my entire face and neck area I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it absorbed. It took me at least a week to overcome my fear that it would be greasy when applied. Each day I was so thrilled with the outcome, but would hesitate when I would have to apply it again. I think what turned the tide was that each morning when I applied the DDG oil on my face it made my makeup glide on so effortlessly and my complexion was so natural and dewy. None of my fabulous serums or moisturizer had this impact! This was a product I didn’t know I needed but happily discovered it is what my dry skin needs. Within a few weeks my skin was more hydrated, firmer, more supple and revitalized.

I am so excited to continue using this product especially over the coming winter months and anticipate that I may need both day and night use to combat the moisture-zapping winter.