I still think Dr Hauschka is wacko.  He believes he has found some way of capturing nature’s rhythms and putting them in jars (or ampoules) such as his Rhythmic Conditioner ($89.95).  Really… the ingredients come in “rhythmitized dilutions". Still he may be on to something because I have been testing Rhythmic Conditioner for several weeks and found that is really helpful at reducing redness and broken veins.

This potion is designed for sensitive skins, prone to react unhappily to chemicals, break out with rosacea or couperose, or get red and irritated. That's a pretty good description of my skin and I have found that it has significantly calmed patches of red skin and broken veins. So much so that a dab of concealer is hardly necessary.

A key active is borage (in a “rhythmitized dilutions",  of course). Researchers in Germany recently found that borage and flaxseeds reduce wrinkles and, specifically, redness. Chamomile has a less convincing pedigree. The main active is bisabolol, known to have anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Animal studies back this up, but human studies do not. Southernwood is used to treat itchy skin and, handily, it is also an effective bug repellant. Rose hips are high (about 77%) in (fatty) linoleic and linolenic acids as well as Vitamin C, all of which are essential for the health of the hair and skin.

On the anti-aging front, there is speedwell (veronica officinalis), which, in addition to fatty acids, has antioxidant properties. Pearl powder could be put in this category too. As documented in the Journal of Cell Biology in 2006, conchilion (the stuff that makes pearls pearly) acts like the protein keratin (which is found in skin, bones and hair), and has the ability to hydrate skin cells, promote skin cell metabolism, facilitate repair of damaged skin cells, and enhance peripheral circulation. It also seems to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Although Dr Hauschka's Rhythmic Conditioner is expensive and I find the little ampoules a bit fiddly and wastful of plastic, I would buy this product again. Which is a first for me and Dr H.


Water (Aqua), Fragrance (Parfum), Borage Extract (Borago Officinalis) (in rhythmitised dilutions), Matricaria Extract (Chamomilla Recutita) (in rhythmitised dilutions), Rose Hip Extract (Rosa Canina) (in rhythmitised dilutions), Southernwood Extract (Artemisia Abrotanum) (in rhythmitised dilutions), Witch Hazel Extract (Hamamelis Virginiana) (in rhythmitised dilutions), Veronica Officinalis Extract (in rhythmitised dilutions), English Oak Extract (Quercus Robur) (in rhythmitised dilutions), Pearl Powder (in rhythmitised dilutions), Malachite (in rhythmitised dilutions), Sodium Chloride