I am a sucker for infomercials; cook a turkey in 5 minutes? Heck, yeah, I want that oven that will probably break after one use. A blender than can turn rocks into salsa? Of course I want that too, especially since if I call now, I'll get a free back massager. I have a little problem with these ads but one caught my EYE the other night that had me scratching my head; it’s called Dream Look Instant Eye Lift.

Call me naive but I had no idea that people actually had eye lift surgery in the first place. It’s something that I just didn’t consider as a possibility but then again, these days you can nip and tuck almost any part of your body. According to Eye Lift Guide “As a person ages, the eyelids begin to stretch out and supporting muscles begin to weaken. Extra fat then gathers both above and below the eyelids. This excess fat causes the eyelids to droop, eyebrows to hang and bags to form under the eyes. These features cause a person to look older, but they can also impair peripheral vision needed for driving and reading.”

These surgeries can cost in the thousands which is probably why some genius decided to sell Dream Look Instant Eye Lift for $19.99. Essentially the idea is that you’re sticking these small pieces of pre-cut clear tape over your eye lids to keep them held firmly down. This will ensure that you look like you’ve had an eye lift- well at least until your supply runs out or one of the instant eye lift pieces falls off while you’re in the pool.

Personally I think that it has too much of a dramatic effect on your eyelid which makes the user look like she's drunk or half asleep but that’s just me. Even when my eyelids droop down the line, I can’t see myself ever sticking these little pieces of tape to my face.  Am I being too harsh on this product or do you guys feel the same? Would you buy the Instant Eye Lift for the low price of $19.99 (plus S&H)?