Reviewed by Diana

I love my Earthly Delight Tropical Rain shampoo ($15.99). It's perfect for the person who likes to shampoo every day like I do. It cleans--it really cleans--with stripping the hair. In fact, since I'm a daily exerciser, I've shampooed twice in one day with this product with no drying.

The first ingredient is water, and the next three are herbs. It is the color and consistency of maple syrup or blackstrap molasses and smells like cinnamon, coconut, and rosemary, three of the ingredients. A little goes a long way; it lathers up into a thick, rich lather and rinses easily. The bottle says it contains no alcohol, animal products, color, or sulfates.

I really love this product and will continue to buy it. Thanks, Truth in Aging and Earthly Delight!


Distilled water, sage, rosemary, nettles, wheat germ soap, horsetail, essential oils of neroli, cinnamon and coconut.