Reviewed by Terri

After reading Marta's intial review of Earthly Delights Tropical Rain Shampoo I was very excited about this product. No sulfates, alcohol, no anything yucky or gunky. I was so happy I was chosen to try The Earthly Delights Herbal Shampoo.

First off I loved the no nonsense packaging. And the retroish picture on the front. When I opened the cap and took a sniff I was transported back to my childhood. You see my aunt was a true flower child. I remember shopping with her in a all natural food store and being mesmerized by all the shampoos and conditioners. This shampoo really brought back memories for me. So I really, really wanted to like it.

My hair is very curly , past my shoulders and color treated. So it goes without saying it is dry. Unfortunately this shampoo left it drier. I really had to pile on the Giovanni leave in conditioner to make it reasonably soft. The end result was my hair was a fuzzy mess.

On the other hand my sister has beautiful straight fine hair. I have always envied her hair! She used it and proclaims she will never go back to anything else! Her hair does look beautiful, full and shiny. So even though it did not work for me it worked wonders for her. Alas this leaves me still on a quest to find the perfect sulfate free vitamin enriched shampoo for my very curly, dry hair.


Distilled water, sage, rosemary, nettles, wheat germ soap, horsetail, essential oils of neroli, cinnamon and coconut.