For those of you that garden, it’s no surprise to you that animal waste can do wonders for plants. Earthworm poop, or castings, has long been used as a super fuel for growing plants. But now a manufacturer is claiming that it can do wonders for your skin.

It’s called “Wrinkle Butter” from small maker GSC Products and if you saw it on a store shelf, there’s little to make you think that this product is made out of earthworm castings. The Wrinkle Butter is coming from a brand called Fresh Beauty Market which claims that this product contains a higher concentration of anti-aging compounds than much more expensive creams.

The secret is what the castings contain. You'll find that they are “rich” in copper peptides, humates, auxins, kinetins and cytokinins that stimulate healthy cell growth, collagen production, firming of skin, hydration and uptake of nutrients - while fighting free radicals. How rich, there’s no telling.

This whole idea began with farmers who would create Worm Tea, a mix of castings and water. After applying the “tea” to skin, farmers noted relief from psoriasis and eczema. A part of me hopes this is an old wives tale because I can’t imagine anyone mixing poop and water for relief from anything.

If you’re worried about the smell or safety of such a product, Wayne Perry, head of Development for GSC Products notes, “There’s no strange smell or anything like that. We make a proprietary earthworm extract that’s blended into a sterilized tincture. We add Green tea, Cayenne, MSM, Caffeine, Hyaluronic acid and Vegetable Glycerin. The final cream is blended with a natural organic base of Mango butter, Shea butter and Cocoa butter. It immediately makes skin firmer, softer and much more elastic. Customers have also reported relief from psoriasis and eczema symptoms as well.”

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any research on earthworm castings and their benefits on the skin. Right after the FDA finishes studying Brazilian Blowouts, I’m sure they’ll move right into studying the benefits of worm poop.

And I can’t tell what the concentrations of the ingredients are, like copper peptides and kinetins, which would helpful in knowing how powerful this product actually is. But I can say that the company guarantees to wipe out wrinkles and fine lines with the product which costs $19.95. Whether you believe their claim is another story.

Are you buying into “Wrinkle Butter” or do you think they’re full of, well you know...

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable glycerin, Caffeine, MSM, Hyaluronic acid, Earthworm Vermicast extract, Green Tea extract, Cayenne extract, Radish extract