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Einkorn extract

October 14, 2010 Reviewed by Marta 5 Comments
Now pay attention because I will be coming back to this in a few weeks. I was given a brand new – as in not yet even launched – product and it is still under embargo, which means I can’t write about it yet. This is hugely frustrating for a big mouth like me, especially as this is one exciting potion with things like teprenone in it. Anyway, what I can do is focus on one of its ingredients, einkorn.

Einkorn (triticum monococcum) is a kind of wheat and was one of the earliest cultivated forms - grains of wild einkorn have been found in Epi-Paleolithic sites in the Fertile Crescent. There is some evidence that einkorn may be less toxic than modern wheats for sufferers of coeliac disease. But opening up the cosmetic world to CD sufferers is only one of the things that makes einkorn interesting.

Scientists have found that the extract of triticum monococcum contains a concentrated isolate of a peptide with antioxidant properties. Apparently, the peptides can mimic glutathione, a natural antioxidant in our bodies that fights off free radical damage.  It can also inhibit glycation, one of the main causes of aging skin because it leads to cross-linking and the breakdown of skin elasticity.

Einkorn has antioxidant properties that have undergone numerous tests.  Much richer in antioxidants than modern wheat varieties (source), einkorn is also bursting with lutein. This is a carotenoid and according to a Harvard research team, it may have the potential to act as a preventative agent against UVB-induced skin cancer and skin damage.

Research published only this summer on 22 people demonstrated that topical application of einkorn extract resulted in “significant reduction in wrinkle parameters”.
  • November 2, 2010

    by Einkorn Wheat Blog

    Many are turning to einkorn as a healthier whole grain but this post is the first we have heard about its use for skin care.

    This is a great discovery! Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, einkorn has a unique genetic make-up, with only 14 chromosomes while modern wheat has 42.

  • October 19, 2010

    by Daniel

    In some of the health food shops in England I've been noticing this grain bring used in all kinds including a four grain pasta. If your tests come out that you think it's great I may have to think of a way of using the water I've cooked my pasta in on my face!!! Yes I have been known to do crazy things in the quest for good skin. Buckwheat is a really amazing ingredient as it's packed fill of Antioxidants and vein and capillary strengthening ingredients . The Japanese use it a lot I think . Wonder if any skin brands use that as it would be really good I would think for skins prone to redness and bruising .

  • October 17, 2010

    by Daniel

    For us skin care junkies posting a message like that is enough to give me sleepless nights. Must tell you when I rarely get to the states and walk into a sephora I'm shaking !!!! Yes I must admit to that fact ( how embarrassing). I run in , I forget to breath !!! Palpitations I hear you all say ? Yes I get hot and cold sweats !! When the staff come and ask if I would like any help many a time I've looked at them and recommended something that they should be using!! Oops

    I do

  • October 15, 2010

    by jessica

    hmmmm i wonder if this has something to do with the email that i just got saying that i'll be testing something for tia? =D

  • October 14, 2010

    by Julie Kay

    HAHA, big mouth. Marta, you do make me laugh. And listen. And learn. This is scintillating and pertinent as I've a daughter who's struggling with (major) thyroid issues and has been diagnosed as having coeliac diorder. Her body is not adjusting to anything at the moment, but she's listening to all things related to the topic. And I, well, I'm a cat... and am OH, so curious about this secret potion! ~jk

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