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Elena Rubin Solace Mild Cleanser Review

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Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin
Elena Rubin Solace Mild Cleanser
December 21, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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This low-foam liquid cleansing gel washes away the day while delivering natural antioxidants to the skin


Gently yet thoroughly cleanses


May be too drying for some

By Anne R. 

Let me first say that I was very pleased when selected to try this cleanser. I have been looking for a good face wash for a while and was happy to try a new one with so many natural ingredients in it. I’m in my mid-40s with sensitive to dry skin and have to be very careful about the products I use. I usually alternate between Sevani Ageless Radiance Refining AHA Cleanser ($39 in the shop) and a basic one from Whole Foods. My favorite by far is the Pate de Fleurs from the Spa Cinq Mondes in Paris, but it’s hard to get from here.

So trying the Elena Rubin Solace Mild Cleanser ($39) was an enticing opportunity for me. It comes in a nice blue glass bottle. But be aware: If you travel like me with a carry-on only, it is too big and heavy to carry with you. It will fit in your little plastic bag to pass through security, but doesn’t leave room for much else. Two small pushes on the pump are enough to clean both the face and neck. My first observation was that this cleanser has no smell, which is good for some, but I kind of like a nice scent in a cleanser given it washes away anyway.

Secondly, I noticed that there was almost no foam when massaged in. Still, it gives a very clean feel to the skin once rinsed. The cleansing agents listed on the ingredients seem mild and none of them are classified as hazardous. Zeolite, a natural detoxifying agent, is the active used to remove impurities from the skin, along with a couple of other surfactants. In addition, this cleanser contains nourishing and soothing ingredients like blue lotus flower extract and shea butter.

After a few days of use, however, I noticed that my skin was getting really dry and needed hydration immediately after cleansing. I continued using this wash for a good five weeks — minus three days travelling time — and continued having this dry sensation on my skin. I will continue to use Solace until I finish it, but alternating it with the Sevani cleanser to keep my skin balanced. So, in brief, I recommend this cleanser, including for sensitive skin, unless yours is dry like mine. 

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