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Ellen Sirot's hand cream and cleanser- reader reviewed

October 27, 2009 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 14 Comments
Reviewed by Peggy

It has now been about a month since I've been trying out Ellen Sirot's Hand Perfection Night Solution Moisturizer and Hand Perfection Moisturizing Cleanser for Hands.

The previous week prior to trying out the product, I had been washing my hands a lot as I was experimenting with multiple cookie recipes.  I never thought the hand soap I had been using was particularly harsh, but I had developed a few small cuts on my hands during my baking trials and the soap stung my skin.  So, I was delighted that the new cleanser I was trying out was very gentle, left my hands soft, and did not hurt them at all.  It also had a mild scent that soon faded.  I was not too crazy about the packaging, though.  A single pump delivered a very small amount of cleanser, which would probably be enough for hands that are hardly dirty.  But I liked the feeling of rich lather, so I needed at least two pumps.

Sometimes I like to make my own product travel sizes, so I will twist off the top of whatever product and pour some into another small bottle.  For the cleanser, it looked like the top was glued shut, so the only way to remove it was through the dispenser.  Also, as the container was opaque, there was no way for me to know how much product was left.   For $30, you get 3.4 ounces, so although it's possible I would purchase it, I would most likely use it for only certain circumstances.

The night moisturizer itself left a somewhat slick feeling that went away after a few minutes.  Its texture was similar to a less thick lotion and its scent was mild, which according to my spouse, smelled like a sweeter version of Phisoderm.  I personally do not know what Phisoderm smells like, but I found the scent pleasantly neutral.

It definitely immediately made my skin feel softer, but when I woke up in the mornings, that extra softness was gone.  A small age spot I have had started to fade and perhaps my hands looked a little more smooth and less lined  -- that part was difficult to tell (perhaps I would have noticed more of a difference if I had been also using one of her other products, the Complete Day Cream).  Like with the Cleanser packaging, I was not particularly fond of the Night Solution Moisturizer container.  After taking off the lid, I had to push the top down for a small amount to come out of the top through a hole.  I could, however, remove the top to view its contents.

I did like the lotion, but at $75 for one ounce, it's not something I could easily afford.

I am curious about Ellen Sirot's Day Cream ($50 for 3.4 ounces, or the travel size, $30 for 1.7 ounces), so perhaps one lucky day, I will be able to splurge to try it.

Overall, I like them because it is a nice product line, but it's a bit expensive.  I think there are probably other comparable products out there that are a lot more reasonable.available

Ingredients in Night Solution

Water, cyclopentasiloxane, stearoxymethicone/dimethicone copolymer, dimethicone, polysorbate 20, isohexadecane, sodium hyaluronate, lactobionic acid, glycerin, tocopheryl acetate, panthenol, sodium pca, vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, n-acetyl d glucosamine, carageenan, urea, trehalose, polyquaternium-51, triacetin, butylene glycol, camellia oleifera leaf extract, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract, polydodecanamideaminium triazad diphenylethene sulfonate, polyvinylalcohol crosspolymer, ammonium polyacryloyldimethyl taurate, polysorbate 80, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, chlorphenesin, phenoxyethanol.

Ingredients in Cleanser

Water, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, decyl glucoside, potassium C12-13 alkyl phosphate, disodium cocamphodiacetate, PEG-150 distearate, glycol distearate, linoleamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate, sodium borageamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate, methylisothiazolinone.
  • February 11, 2011

    by Brenda vaiden

    Is it too late to sample Ellen's products :)

  • May 24, 2010

    by mag

    Hello Ellen I would like to try the hand cream. So I ws wondering if you have by coupon code available. Thank you.

  • January 24, 2010

    by Eloise

    I have been using these products for about 4 months now and I absolutely love them. They are pricey, but you absolutely get your money's worth and if you join Hand Perfection's Facebook Page they often offer discounts and incentives. I am in my mid40s and have been an outdoor exercise enthusiast for many years, my hands tell the tale from too much sun, sand, cold, etc. I see a marked difference since starting my Hand Perfection routine, which consists of using all 4 products and the adorable glovettes. As a bonus the glovettes are quite the conversation starter! People just love them. I plan on continuing to use these products and I highly recommend them.

  • November 23, 2009

    by betty

    Well if this cream has been created by a hand model, im sure Ellen Sirot knows a thing or two about youthful looking hands. As a labor and delivery nurse I get to wash my hands with nice strong chemicals about a hundred times a night. I am so looking for a good hand cream that is nourishing, healing and adds moisture that will hopefully last through a few washes. Maybe this is the one. I would love to try and see how this cream compares to all the others. I currently have been using Dr.Hauschka's hand cream which is light, absorbs quickly but not quite as rich, as i need it to last. Another great one is by a company called Desert Essence organics called pumkin hand repair cream also absorbs quickly, nice light pumkin scent good quality ingredients but again i need it to last thru a number of washes or actually help heal after using harsh chemicals to wash hands all shift. Thanks my too cents..

  • November 20, 2009

    by Jaysie

    Come and look at my kitchen counter, my bedside table, and in my purse and you'll find a daunting collection of bottles and tubes of hand creams labeled "anti-aging," "healing," "remedy," "intensive," "brightening," and other promises of results. The ingredient list for Ellen Sirot's Day Cream looks like it contains a nice cluster of elements that will accomplish all of this. Combined with my weekly salt scrub and my daily sunscreen, the Day Cream may well improve the sun-spotted, dry, thinning skin on my hands. I'm looking for a hand cream I'll buy more than once because it works. Please give the free product to the military man in his 70's because if it makes a difference on his hands, I'll buy it!

  • November 19, 2009

    by sherri

    I work with the public and I'm always wash my hands and putting on hand cream. I'm 56 and my hands are the only part thats showing my age. I would love to test the cream its sounds like what I've been looking for.

  • November 19, 2009

    by Cat

    Hi! I certainly would like to try Ellen Sirot's Hand Perfection Complete Day Cream! I have been searching for a new cream and just can't seem to find that "it" product. Lately, I've resorted to rubbing facial grade olive oil in to avoid any and all nasty synthetic chemicals. I want to maintain my hands and this sounds like a winner albeit expensive!

  • November 18, 2009

    by Don (iWok)

    I turn 79 years in a month, served in the US Army over 30 years in places such as Panama, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Alaska, and Vietnam so my hands have experienced the hot, dry desert air, humid jungle moisture, and frigid (-68 degrees below zero) winters of Alaska, and with that kind of exposure, I welcome testing a cream that may provide nutrients and moisture to keep my hands soft and skin supple.

  • November 18, 2009

    by Dava

    Anything to stop me from having to put lotion on every 5 mins. Since turning 40 a few...well,, ok eight years ago, my hands have gotten so dry. I'm Italian and otherwise have oily skin, but my hands are drying up! It drives me crazy and I can never find a cream that lasts a long time or even really makes a difference. I'd love to try Ellen Sirot's hand cream and hope it's the one!

  • November 18, 2009

    by Cory

    I would love to try Ms. Ellen Sirot's Hand Perfection Day Cream. As a 49 year old who used to sunbathe in my younger days, my hands now show the ravages of time and abuse. I have tried all kinds of lotions and even retin-A treatments, but they still look much older than they should. I need help! My face is young looking, but my hands give it all away! It also doesn't help that I live in a cold climate and they are often red and overly dry. I am always on the search for the "miracle cream"- maybe this will be the one.

  • November 18, 2009

    by Pam Robbins

    I sure would love to try Ms. Ellen Sirot's Hand Perfection Day Cream. I have forever been on the look out for something to help my hands. I am very self conscious about them. The skin looks old. Even my husband comments about them sometimes and I find myself hiding or covering them. Regular hand creams seem to only last for a very short time.

  • November 18, 2009

    by Petra

    This Ellen Sirot's Hand Perfection Complete Day Cream and the Nail and Cuticle Treatment, sounds like just what I need. It's just starting to get cold here in Ohio and already my hands are feeling the effects. I always dread winter weather and the toll it takes on my skin. All winter long my hands are in pain due to hang nails, paper cuts and psoriasis like dryness. I'd love to try these products. I'm always looking for the ideal hand cream that can help keep my hands moist and protected - maybe my search will be over now!

  • November 18, 2009

    by Lisa

    I would love to try the new Sirot hand cream. My 43 yr old mitts could use a "face-lift" to accompany my microcurrent facial coming up (per Marta's experience).

  • October 28, 2009

    by Ellen Sirot

    Peggy, thanks so much for giving a thumbs up to Hand Perfection.

    Hands are really the final frontier in the anti-aging category. We know
    how to take care of our faces and teeth - but our hands are neglected
    and not only showing our age - but looking older than we really are. Of
    course it's no wonder given all we put them through with household life,
    kids, washing 10 - 20 times per day. But as a professional hand model,
    whose business relies on the youthful radiance of the look and feel of
    my hands, I felt I had to take matters into my own and create an
    advanced comprehensive solution - elegant, efficacious, sophisticated
    skincare for the hands.

    Hand Perfection is a unique formula combining the highest levels of
    Omega 3 nutrient rich oils, anti-oxidants and vitamins created
    specifically for the delicate skin of the hands. We have left out all
    petroleum by-products thus the formula is incredibly rich - but absorbs
    very quickly so there is not any sticky tackiness. The packaging is
    incredibly important - as we have used airless pumps that maintain an
    environment where the ingredients will remain optimally effective in a
    closed system that does not allow any light or air to contaminate the

    Hand Perfection Moisturizing Cleanser is sulfate-free, meaning it is
    gentle and does not strip the skin. It is made of sugar and coconut
    cleansers which cleanse while leaving the skin hydrated. Taking the
    sulfates out means there are less bubbly suds. But it is doing it's job

    With the Cleanser it is possible to see the rate at which you are using the product by looking at the bottom of the component. You will see the mechanism rise up towards the top as you use. The beauty of the airless pumps is that you use every drop of the formula! Nothing will be left in the container. And with the concentrated power you literally only
    need a pearl size drop. Meaning that if you use Night Solution every night your jar will last approximately 3 months. And our 100 ml
    Complete Day Cream will last approximately 2 - 2.5 months if used 4 - 5 times per day.

    So, while it may seem more expensive than what you have spent on your hands in the past I believe you will find it is well worth it. The
    ingredients, effectiveness and usage rate all combine to give you a handful of help towards soft, healthy ageless hands. Hand Perfection
    has clinical results showing 93% of our participants showed softer, smoother, radiant hands in 2 weeks!

    Peggy, we will definitely make sure you get to try Hand Perfection Complete Day Cream this week! Also check out our amazing Nail and
    Cuticle Treatment - shown to help 100% of participants to have hydrated,
    healthy nails and smoother cuticles in two weeks.

    I would like to offer your readers a chance to try Hand Perfection themselves with a gift of 25% of any order - using code HP25BLOG
    good today through 12/31/09.

    Thanks and have a happy, hand-y day,

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