Elon's Thinning Hair System is just out. The three-step program includes shampoo, conditioner and oral supplements. The key to Elon is a combination of ingredients called Matrix 5000.

One of them turns out to be biotin, a vitamin H or B7 that is used for hair loss. It is necessary for cell growth and the production of fatty acids. Usually doubts are cast over whether it can work for hair loss    in topical products since it can't be readily absorbed through the skin. In this case, it is being taken as a supplement. However, there is a catch. Biotin deficiency is extremely rare (according to the US National Library of Medicine), so if your hair is thinning it is not likely to be because you are not producing enough.

The other is L-Cysteine, an amino acid that makes up 5% of the composition of hair. I can't find any evidence that it helps hair loss though.

The shampoo and conditioner are nothing special. There is plenty of silicone to make whatever hair you have feel soft and look shiny.