E'shee Clinical Esthetic Elixir of Life KI Therapy Serum

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Reviewed by Kimberly on March 25, 2015

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The last couple months have been quite a blur for me. One of the few bright spots turned out to be this tiny bottle of E'shee Clinical Esthetic Elixir of Life KI Therapy Serum ($189 in the shop). I remember looking at the bottle when it arrived, wondering what in the world that little bit of serum could do for me. So, I threw it in my makeup bag, packed a few more essentials, and off I went to Colorado to care for a terminally ill friend.

E'shee 7 KI Therapy Elixir of Life with FIR and aFGF is referred to as "Stem Cell Serum - Rebuild" by E'shee. E'shee claims that it combines gene therapy(FGF 1 peptide) and Far Infrared Powder(FIR) to rejuvenate and restore the beauty of damaged or aging skin. There have been multiple studies done in both the United States and Japan on the effects of these ingredients.  

I had the usual fight with the rubber tip of the bottle and getting it to dispense just the right amount without wasting the product that accumulates under the edges of the rubber top. After a bit of fiddling with it, I decided to use what was in the rubber tip until it was clean, then I cleaned off the edges around where the tip sets, remembering to put any excess on my face. After I had the rubber tip cleaned up, I would very quickly remove the tip and, using my very clean fingertips, I would upend the entire bottle on a fingertip or two, put the rubber tip back on immediately, then spread the fingertip or two of product quite easily across the areas of my face that I was most worried about. Be sure that your entire fingertip covers the bottle top if you try this! I know that one must worry about keeping the ingredients safe from environmental exposure, but I noticed no loss of efficacy from just quickly taking off the tip and quickly replacing it after dispensing a few drops on my clean fingertip(s). I did try TIA's suggestions and tips on using the dispenser tip, but it was still too difficult for me to maneuver.

So by now, you are wondering if it worked or not. Well, I have to give E'shee 7 the thumbs up! I used E'shee 7 as a "spot treatment" for myself — all around my eyes, around my mouth, across my cheeks, and on my entire neck area. It actually spread quite easily. I was surprised that two or three drops went that far. That amount almost covered my entire face and neck area. I expect that under normal circumstances, this would have lasted me 2-1/2 to 3 months. You see, I had arrived in Colorado with almost every beauty product I use on "back order". I had nothing but E'shee 7 and my usual Sciote moisturizer to protect me from the harsh weather. Despite the fact that I relied on it heavily, a very good friend of mine asked to try it as well. The following are her results from E'shee 7's use for two weeks, as well as my own results from 1+ month's use.

My friend tried it for a couple of weeks. She kept asking why my face always looked like it had just been moisturized, so I suggested she try the E'shee 7. She began to use it at night before her moisturizer. Her experience with it was more dramatic than mine. She is in her early 60's, and it helped her skin tone even-out and glow tremendously. I even thought she had her face makeup and blush on one day when she didn't. We decided we would bathe in it if we could afford it!

From my 1+ month use of E'shee 7, I am able to say that my skin does not look any worse for lack of my other products, and is perhaps even better due to the use of the E'shee 7. Since it was all I had besides my moisturizer, my opinion is that E'shee 7 did all of the hard work by itself. I definitely noticed increased tone/plumpness of my skin, and a bit less "crepeyness" on my neck. That alone made me love it. Although I didn't notice the dark circles under my eyes improving, I did notice some improvement in fine lines in that area. Another notation I was able to make was that my skin stayed quite moisturized in the dry climate and even took on a nice pinkish glow. I am used to a much more humid environment so I was pretty amazed that I developed no dry spots while using this serum in a harsh winter environment.

Other than my neck looking better, I can't put my finger on the exact improvement that I was noticing. However, I honestly think when I look in the mirror my skin looks about 5 years younger than it did before the Colorado trip, and it sure wasn't the Colorado air that did it. I put E'shee 7 through tremendous emotional, physical and environmental stress, and I have to give it kudos for keeping me looking good instead of the haggard mess I felt like I was. I will add this last because it was such a shock to me. My husband had cataract surgery while I was in CO, and when I returned, he said, "Wow, I didn't know you still looked that good!" Either he has not been able to see me over the past 20 years, or E'shee 7 was a big hit for me. I think it was the latter!

If one little bottle of this can do what three other serums and one more moisturizer normally does for me, it has my seal of approval. I would love to continue its use if I can figure out how to afford it in my budget. Thanks, E'shee!