e'shee clinical esthetic hydra gold serum

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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on April 25, 2014

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by Lori

Having been the lucky recipient to try the E'shee Clinical Esthetic Hydra Gold Serum ($119), it has been a pleasure seeing my skin change in appearance and feel. The red areas around my nose, cheeks and chin are no longer as visible, and the dry patches I have also had to contend with are gone.

My mid-40 age combination skin used to look dull, but since applying the serum on a daily basis (morning and night) it has made my skin look younger and brighter. It instantly feels silky on my face, not greasy, and it absorbs quickly. You only need to use a few drops per application, as a little goes a long way to penetrate the skin.

I highly recommend this product for individuals with dull, tired looking skin or those with redness and dry patches, as it has thoroughly impressed me with its abilities to erase those problem areas. In addition to that, my skin can be sensitive to certain products, but E'shee Clinical Esthetic Hydra Gold Serum is gentle, and there is no stinging sensation at all. The serum is safe around the eyes, even on the eyelids! It is so nice to have just one product for all areas of the face and neck rather than a bunch of creams and lotions that are only good for certain areas of the skin.

The gold leaf flakes are certainly befitting for this wonderful serum, as it is definitely worth its weight in gold! I will continue using my sample of E'shee Clinical Hydra Gold Serum with pleasure and be confident that my skin will maintain its improved look and feel.