E'shee Clinical Esthetic Silky Rose Essence Serum

Reviewed by Becky on March 20, 2015


When offered the option to review this product or another, I was drawn to the E'shee Clinical Esthetic Silky Rose Essence Serum ($119) because of its claims to improve skin tone, elasticity, hydration — and most intriguing to me, help even skin tone. At 47, I am seeing more and more evidence of my lifeguard years on my face. I was also interested in trying an E'shee product since I'd heard such great things about them on the TIA site.

I was already a big fan of facial treatment oils; at 47 with the annoyance of wrinkles AND remaining hormonal acne, I had never thought oils were for me but the experience of reviewing the Mad Hippie antioxidant oil completely changed my mind. I had hopes that the E'shee Clinical Esthetic Silky Rose Essence Serum would be similar.

Unfortunately, it was a disappointment and here's why:

The product is quite difficult to dispense: I had to shake the bottle really hard to even get 2-3 drops out (the recommended amount). This was frustrating every single time. The bottle itself is also minuscule at only .34 oz. 

Once applied, the serum feels like a somewhat oily film on my skin. It never felt like much was actually absorbed and instead remained on the surface. I tried applying the serum in a few different ways, including combining it with moisturizer to see if it would improve the absorbency. It did not.

Reviewing the ingredients list provides some good clues here: the first ingredient is cyclomethicone — one of several 'cones in this formula. This one does indeed impart a smooth silkiness to the formula, as well as apparently being the source of the "film" I experienced. Unfortunately silicones "may trap sebum, dirt, and bacteria in a layer on top of skin, thus potentially provoking allergic flareups and breakouts." I did indeed end up with breakouts once I started testing this product. It's hard to confirm a direct correlation given the fluctuation of hormones but I haven't had breakouts on my chin like this in years.

Interestingly, the namesake "rose essence" is the last ingredient listed and thus likely the lowest amount ingredient.

I gave up on the E'shee Clinical Esthetic Silky Rose Essence Serum after three weeks. It got to the point where I dreaded using it at night. Such high hopes and such poor results...