e’shee vitamin c serum

Reviewed by Junko on June 10, 2010


Every week Marta gives away a product or two, and sometimes even more to a wanting reader for absolutely free. All you as the lucky recipient have to do is return to her, a review. A gift of joy to one that produces a beneficial gift to many is genius, and her generosity to give these products is commendable too. I have never asked to review a product before, and it always did seem so wonderful and simple to do. That’s what I thought until Marta sent me E’shee.

Please don’t get me wrong, as using this high-end luxurious serum has certainly brought me joy, but reviewing it, well that hasn’t been as simple as I had thought. At 49 I’ve become fairly good at curtailing my sun sign Leo’s urges for impractical luxuries that I’d be better off not to afford. That was until Marta’s package arrived. The Leo part of me was ecstatic, hasn’t shut up since, and skewed this review from the very start.

Two tiny .34 oz. ampoules of E’shee Vitalizing Serum C and Intensive Brightening serums, valued at $119 each, came luxuriously nestled in a pristine lily-white box. If presentation says anything, then this presentation says that you are in possession of something luxurious and very specia. Unlike Marta my skin does like vitamin C, so E’shee’s Vitamin C Serum ($119) was the first ampoule I decided to open.

Liposome vitamin C is second in the ingredient list after water, and it’s this ingredient that its high price can be attributed to. We’re paying for the technology in this ingredient and apparently this technology comes at considerable cost. Here’s what E’shee’s website has to say about their liposome vitamin C: “We are using the newest delivery method, the Liposomal Technology. This technology has greatly improved and updated the transfer of vitamin C into the cells.” Marketing mumbo jumbo usually explains little, so I went to Wikipedia for some clarification. Now I’m impressed! Liposome vitamin C is definitely not something we can throw in our carts at the Lotioncrafters website. I’ll save you the time I already checked, this was a long shot but I wanted to be absolutely sure. Along with liposome vitamin C this serum gives us copper PCA, antioxidants mulberry and ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba is an anti-inflammatory too; so throw in an anti-irritant with bubble encased C’s and even sensitive skins like Marta’s will love this serum. Marta, you really, really do need to give this one a try! Sadly, there are a couple of nasty preservatives that E’shee has put in, void of these it would be a much lovelier mix.

Low hazard silicone cyclomethicone makes this serum glide beautifully across the skin. It is so silky that three tiny drops can cover an entire face if sectioned accordingly. Four drops a day for a Leo’s excessive nature makes an ampoule last about six weeks, while eight is possible if you can stop the drops at three. Its soft scent reminds me of an orange creamcicle, a scent I’d love to hold onto but this too soon dissipates in minutes.

This is a nighttime serum with lightweight moisturizers that has overall improved the color of my skin, making it much healthier looking. Four weeks probably isn’t long enough for wrinkle reduction, but with its technologically advanced delivery system this just might be possible. So if money weren’t a consideration, this Leo would be putting E’shee’s Vitalizing C Serum on a monthly auto ship and we’d be using eight drops every day instead of four!

Marta, thanks so much for your generosity in sending this appreciative Leo, E’shee. It has been a joy to use every day and the luxurious spoiling continues with the Brightening Serum, which I’ll be using next!