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Estee Lauder's new night cream with Chronolux

Reviewed by Marta July 19, 2009 10 Comments
On July 23, a deluge of Estee Lauder's new night cream will descend upon department stores. It is being billed as an "industry breakthrough" that will "revolutionize" night creams, no less. If Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex looks a little familiar, it actually should because it has been around for about 20 years. This version has, however, been revamped with something called Chronolux technology.

I don't approve of cosmetic companies using the word technology since they usually misuse it. And then it seems to give the marketing department a license to spout nonsense. Like this: "Healthy skin cells maximize repair functioning at night through a symphony of precisely timed repair responses based on the body’s natural circadian cycle. The sequencing and timing of these responses is so critically important that they are synchronized by a specific family of genes called clock genes."

You can read this as many times as you like and it will still be gobbledegook. But to cut to the car chase, we are supposed to believe that Chronolux technology taps into these "clock genes".

Estee Lauder then starts going on about alkylation damage, which is caused by smoke, pollution, toxins and chemicals. If this damage is not repaired quickly enough by an enzyme known as alkyl guanine transferase (AGT) found naturally in our skin, the damage becomes permanent. However, as AGT repairs, it gets “used up,” thus needing to be continually replenished. AGT has been well researched by cancer scientists over the past decade or so, but I couldn't find anything about an agent that increases its production. If that really is what Chronolux does, then Estee Lauder may well be onto something.

We'll try to get hold of some samples next week and see if we can decode what Chronolux really is.

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  • October 25, 2012

    by Madge baby

    This is a patented ingredient and it works.

  • June 7, 2012

    by Regina

    I found your post today. I was curious because I was using some sample sizes of Advanced Night Repair over the last few weeks. I'd used it once when I was in my 20s and just didn't need it then. However with a few more years under my belt, it's time make sure I keep this youthful look I've got. I saw a difference after using the product again and decided to order a full-sized bottle from

    I received it today and decided to Google "Chronolux™ Technology".
    You might object to their use of the term but there is a patent that backs it up. You can find it here:

    Also, the sentence you say is unintelligible actually is pretty easy to understand. While it's fine to have an objection. Yours seems to be merely that they dare to use scientific terms vs. whether the product actually works as they claim.

  • October 12, 2009

    by Barbara

    Hi there,
    I do professional makeup artistry (freelance), and I am totally into skin care. I will be 39 years old next week, and I have been a loyal devotee of Estee's Advanced night repair serum.

    My skin is beautiful, and at almost 40, I look like I am still in my late 20s. My friends cannot believe it. I highly endorse and recommend this product. After continuous use, you will start to see a dramatic difference in the tone, texture and resiliency in your skin.

  • July 27, 2009

    by paul t

    I used this night cream along with their day cream.

    I'm a 65 yo male that has always had a ruddy complexion. I wore a cervical neck collar for about 6 years, plus losing about 100 pounds about 2 years ago. My neck was an over abundance of loose saggy skin. I just wiped it on w/o paying much attention to how I did it.

    RESULT after 1 month:
    Nearly all my saggy neck skin has tightened. It unbelievable.
    I've received comments from three different people who commented, "you look great - what have you done to your face and neck!" THAT SAYS IT ALL>

    I'll definitely reorder these two products.

  • July 23, 2009

    by admin

    Hi Anna and welcome! I am afraid that I tend to give my opinion even when not asked and just wanted to say that if you have acne Retin A is very helpful. But if you don't I would think it would be overkill on a 21 year old skin - it is a very powerful exfoliant. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

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