It was only a matter of time before Canadian skincare company Euoko would make it back into TIA's Dept of Daft.  After launching Euoko W-31 Extreme White Concentrate Ampoules at a cost to the gullible beauty junkie of $8,520 a year, it has come up with the infinitely more reasonably priced Fractional Neck Lift Concentrate for $45o a pop. This is an extraordinary bargain when you appreciate that Euoko didn't just go to the ends of the earth to find the best antiaging products, but to our very solar system to bring back rocks from Mars.

The ingredients list for Euoko's neck cream includes, wait for it, "Discovered-on-Mars Iron Rose Crystal from Effusive Magma Rock in Hydrothermal Seams". Of course it does. Euoko isn't just out there. It's in outer space.

Iron rose crystal is hematite, a mineral form of iron oxide. You can find hematite in Michigan, amongst other places including Mars. See, ye of little faith! It was spotted as long ago as 2001 and Mars Rovers were sent to one site specifically to get a better look. Meridiani Planum turned out to be the site of a rare source of gray hematite, believed to have been formed by Martian hot springs.

Although iron oxides are used in the coloring of cosmetics, you won't find any information about hematite and skincare. But that's probably because Euoko is ahead of its time. Next stop Venus.