Just imagine all sense of reason deserted you and, recession be damned, you forked out $710 for one month's supply of  Euoko W-31 Extreme White Concentrate Ampoules. Then let's just suspend disbelief and say that you loved the results and those magical ampoules seemed to be something you just couldn't live without. Your new beauty habit would cost you $8,520 a year!

What could possibly justify paying nearly the equivalent of an individual annual health insurance policy on an anti-aging cream? I have hunted high and low, but Euoko seems to think that people don't  care about product details even when they are spending $710. Personally, I want to know every ingredient before I stump up seven bucks. So far, I have only been able to track down the "active" ingredients: Microalga Dunaliella Salina, Arbutin PML, Polypeptide-WX, Tyrostat-9, Kalahari Watermelon, Alpha Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid, RETexture, Ceramide IIIA, Retinol Cylasphere, Exclusive Marine Absorption Base, AA2G Vitamin C. However, since they are really what you'd be paying for, it's worth a closer look.

They fall into two camps. The first camp consists of ingredients that only seem to exist in Euoko Land. One of these is polypeptide-WX, which I can't find anywhere else but in references to Euoko products. Taking what Euoko says at face value, it seems to be a peptide that inhibits tyrosinase and so provides a similar action to the arbutin (see below). We'll have to be equally trusting about something called RETexture and the "exclusive marine absorption base". Then there is tyrostat-9 - non-existent except on Planet Euoko, where we are told that "this innovative natural ingredient is extracted from wild crafted Field Dock (from the Rumex species) in the North Canadian Prairies". Tyrosat-9 is also a tyrosinase inhibitor.

The second camp has a handful of good but unexceptional anti-aging and skin whitening ingredients - a search on Truth In Aging will reveal that they are in many of the products we have reviewed. Dunaliella salina is a micro alga that is found in sea salt fields, where it produces lots of carotenoids to protect it from intense light. It is one of the main commercial sources of beta-carotene and research has shown that it is much more potent antioxidant than synthetic sources of carotene. Arbutin is a natural inhibitor of tyrosinase, an enzyme that forms melanin. In one of its manifestations here, the arbutin is encapsulated in a special liposome called plurilamellar multivesicular liposomes (PML), this is supposed to disperse the ingredient in a thin layer so that it is more easily absorbed by the skin. There is also ceramide lll, which protects the natural skin barrier, moisture retaining hyaluronic acid and vitamin A.

On balance, I feel as if we're being asked to hand over $710 to drink the Euoko kool aid.