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Exederm Winners: Diana, Adan and Bonnie

January 5, 2009 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
Thanks to all who commented on the post Exederm is a good solution for eczema, winter skin!

Winners of the Exederm's 3-Step System go to Diana, Adan and Bonnie. Congratulations!

You get full-size samples of the super-sensitive cleansing wash ($12.99, 8 oz.), intensive moisturizing cream ($14.99, 4 oz.), and the flare control cream ($14.99, 2 oz.).

Everyone looks forward to hearing about your experience with Exederm!

Diana: My little niece have eczema and it’s so bad that her skin bleeds. We have been to many doctors with her, including Chinese ones who have given her bitter herb mix to drink. They all promised to work, but nothing have really helped. I would love for her to try this, especially since it has the National Eczema Association approval. Her mom would be thrilled to see her daughter’s skin condition get better. No one else in our family has it, and it’s unfortunate she does. I will promise a review, if needed, as I live close to her. I will be able to monitor closely on her skin improvement, if any.

Adan: Like many people, I’ve been dealing with chronic eczema for almost 10 years. I’m tired of people, after seeing my skin, coming up to me and telling me that I must have “one angry cat” or even asking me if “what i’ve got” is contagious. I’ve tried pretty much everything that is out there for controlling my flare-ups, from regular creams and moisturizers to prescriptions. Most of them didn’t work AT ALL, and the few that were able to do anything for me stopped working after a few weeks. I’m at my wits end trying to find some way of calming my skin down. I came across your site after googling “good skin with eczema” to see if such a thing was even possible! I really want to try these products and see if they can help me manage my eczema in any way!

Bonnie Walker: I am happy to learn and am encouraged that this product has helped others. I have had atopic dermatitis and eczema for several years. I have used different medications prescribed by my dermatologist, however, they do not work. The outbreaks are occurring more often and are very painful, and I don’t know what else to do. I have taken different vitamins and supplements to try to boost my immune system but no luck. I have been surfing the Internet hoping to find a product that can help me and found the Exederm website.


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Exederm is a good solution for eczema, winter skin

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