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EXO Face Perfection Moisturizer Review

EXO Face Perfection Moisturizer
January 27, 2017 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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This next-generation cream targets the exosomes to faciliate self repair and improve the overall appearance of skin


Hydrates and soothes, improves skin tone and texture, boosts radiance


Not for purists

By Melissa D.

I was thrilled when I found out I had been selected to test and review eXO face Perfection Moisturizer ($118). This is designed to be a product that offers multiple benefits in one smart formula: hydration, brightening, anti-inflammatory action, rejuvenation, smoothing and firming. Reading over those promises, I was immediately on board. At 35, my skin started looking older than  chronological age — thin, pigmented, sagging in places, and generally tired and lined. Perfection Moisturizer has an abundance of appealing ingredients targeted towards specific goals. It promises hydration with fatty acids, sea lettuce, macadamia oil and hyaluronic acid; nourishment from kelp, Irish moss and vitamin E; anti-inflammatory action with noni oil and kombu; antioxidant protection with vitamin C and Agascalm (an ingredient developed from the agastache Mexicana flower, designed to neutralize the negative effects of stress on skin, like redness and inflammation); smoothing and firming with a grape seed and coconut oil blend; and brightening with blue algae, sea lettuce and vitamin A.  To me, the ingredient list looks comprehensive and slightly delicious. However, it is possible that the inclusion of phenoxyethanol and an unidentified fragrance at the very end of the list will be a turnoff for purists. Perfection Moisturizer is designed to serve the function of multiple products, including your morning serum and moisturizer, as well as your nighttime serum, moisturizer and eye cream. While that sounded fantastic, I have to admit that I was skeptical. With my dry skin, I hardly believe a single moisturizer can suffice, so the idea that a single product could do enough to make me want to give up all the products lining my bathroom counter, well, I did not expect it to happen.

Given all its promises along with its high-tech name, one of the first things I wondered about Perfection Moisturizer is what the significance of “exosomes” is.  Looking into it a bit, exosomes are like little messengers that move between cells to help them communicate and operate in sync. Scientists have recently figured out how to isolate exosomes from cell cultures and use them for repairing and regenerating different specific tissue types.  Increasingly, exosomes are being recognized for their important role in skin health as well. In the Perfection Moisturizer, eXO says its scientists have “pioneered the method for duplicating the exosomes that promote the radical perfection of skin...[by] syncing cells to lock in hydration and radiance, while facilitating self-repair to reduce the outward appearance of aging.”

I wanted more explanation of how this happens, so I contacted the company and conducted a bit of my own research. As I understand it, the exosomes touted in the name are vesicular lipid transporters, and when applied to the top layer of skin, exosomes assist the skin barrier, preventing loss of natural moisturizing factors (NMF).  The idea, which seems reasonable to me, is that the exosomes help support skin at the outer layer with a trickle down of benefits for other layers of skin. At least in part, eXO Face Perfection Moisturizer’s exosomes ensure that no areas of skin have a lipid deficit. 

The idea is that by restoring barrier function and impeding the loss of NMF, the exosomes contribute to increased luminescence and skin plumping. For anyone dealing with aging — and hence dry skin — this mechanism seems especially appealing. The clinical results described on their website are quite impressive (if not seeming almost too good to be true): 79.14 percent wrinkle reduction and 93.48 percent improvement in luminescence in just 14 days of use.  These results were obtained on 30 individuals ages 35-65 by a private laboratory using reverse photo engineering that was evaluated with image analysis software. Results were consistent across age cohorts.

Applying eXO face Perfection Moisturizer, the texture is reminiscent of MitoQ Moisturizing Crème Serum, falling in a lovely place between thin serum and thick cream.  It spreads and absorbs easily, leaving almost no residue at all. Initially, I was concerned that Perfection Moisturizer would not be hydrating enough for me on its own, but once absorbed, the product provides effective hydration beneath the surface. This makes me think that the exosomes really do effectively deliver moisture where it is needed. Perfection Moisturizer is one of few single products I have found that provides sufficient moisturization for my parched skin. 

In addition to really sealing in hydration, I love the way that eXO face Perfection Moisturizer brightens and calms the complexion. The moisturizer also features Agascalm, an ingredient from the agastache mexicana flower designed to neutralize negative effects of stress on skin, such as inflammation and redness. For me, this seemed to prove quite helpful. I am prone to dull skin and areas of redness, but within a couple of weeks, Perfection Moisturizer had both calmed my complexion and brought it back to life. Having used the product for 30 days, I now feel extremely comfortable without foundation or concealer. 

The one thing I wish I had seen more of from eXO face Perfection Moisturizer is a reduction in wrinkles. I should qualify this by saying that I noticed a significant improvement in skin texture and very fine lines, but not as much visible reduction in the expression lines etched in my face. For anyone who struggles with entrenched expression lines as I do, I would suggest combining Perfection Moisturizer with Clarity Rx Get Fit Serum for a truly comprehensive regimen to transform skin.

Overall, I found eXO face Perfection Moisturizer a wonderful multi-tasker in terms of hydration, fighting inflammation, evening skin tone, improving skin texture and lightening and brightening. If I needed any more proof that it has done me some good, a friend recently asked me what I’ve been using on my skin. I’ve tried dozens of products and this is the first time that has happened. This is a product I will continue to purchase and highly recommend. 

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