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EXO Face Perfection Moisturizer Review

EXO Face Perfection Moisturizer
March 13, 2017 Reviewed by Marta 1 Comment
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While the exosome technology is exciting, this formula did not meet my expectations for matured skin.


Uses interesting new technology


No improvement in visible signs of aging; not for purists

EXO face Perfection Moisturizer ($118) was reviewed a few weeks ago by community member, and it has to be said that she absolutely loved it. Sadly, I did not — and I do mean sadly as it has a unique technology that I had very high hopes for. I’m more than 20 years older than our reviewer Melissa, which might explain why my results were not the same, or were based on a different set of expectations.

Melissa found that EXO face was an excellent moisturizer for her dry skin. My skin is not especially dry, but it has the signs of aging that you would expect for a woman closer to 60 than 50. EXO face was a perfectly good moisturizer, but it did not have any anti-aging effects for me. It did not minimize any wrinkles or even my fine lines, nor did it give my skin a more radiant and hydrated look.

I tested EXO face for an extended two months, partly to give it a sporting chance and partly because I really wanted this moisturizer’s key and unique active to work. Although, it ultimately didn’t for me, I do think it worth sharing some of the background on it. EXO face uses something called Zen3 exosome technology and what you’ll see on the ingredient list is a variant of growth factors called Human Adipose Stromal Cell Exosome.

The company behind EXO face describes exosomes as “tiny messengers…. pinging from one cell to another to improve communication…Each exosome is encoded with unique data and goodies. When an exosome encounters another cell, the cell uploads a status update, along with a nutrient payload and instructions for mimicking the happy cell that started it all.” The exosomes in this moisturizer are apparently ones that promote “radical perfection of the skin.”

EXO face’s explanation is very clear and it sounds exciting. But I did a bit of further reading and found that very little is really understood about exosomes and the mechanism by which they work. They were discovered 30 years ago, but until recently, were thought to be nothing more than garbage collectors that removed unwanted trash from cells. Recently, it was discovered that they have a role in cell communication and scientists took more interest.

Nonetheless, research is hampered by the fact that it isn’t always clear if what can be seen under the microscope is actually an exosome or something else. Having said all that, it does seem to be thought they have a role in tissue repair and so they may have legitimate place in anti-aging cosmetics. I hope so. It’s always exciting to come across a new frontier in skincare.

Coming back to my experience with EXO face, it may be that this exosome technology is still very new and needs perfecting. Or, it may be there already, but the formula needs beefing up to meet the expectations of those of us looking for visible results on already-aging skin. Either way, I wish the company well and applaud them for helping to push the frontiers of skin care.

  • March 20, 2017

    by Melissa D.

    Marta, first of all, I love the amazing community you have created as well as your knack for highlighting up-and-coming skincare brands and technologies, and I respect your opinion and expertise very much. I also really appreciate that you honored my perspective and results even though yours were different. As someone with the chronic inflammation and photosensitivity of lupus, I deeply appreciate that people’s responses to a product can be wildly different. There is probably no perfect product, much less a perfect product for one and all.

    I just wanted to reiterate how lucky I feel that I got to participate in Dare to Try it. Not only was it an exciting opportunity, for me, the results of eXO Face Perfection Moisturizer have continued to be really fantastic. It has quickly become an integral part of my skin care (I’m on my second bottle now). I would never have discovered eXO if you had not introduced it to the community and given me the opportunity. So thank you for always being abreast of--and open to--the latest technology and for allowing community members to participate in reviewing new products.

    I just wanted to explain why, for me, it has been a great product. Before using eXO, I never tended to get a lot of compliments on my skin, but towards the end of my one-month-trial, friends started asking me what I was doing that had made my skin look "so much better" (the sort of back-handed compliment every girl wants). After I shared my secret, some of them have since bought eXO Face Perfection Moisturizer for themselves, and they seem to like it as much as I do. (They are around my age, though I have wondered if my mom might like it as well.)

    Since eXO has worked so well for me, maybe I should say a little more about my skin. Although I am in my mid-30s, my skin is already quite challenging in its own ways: sensitive, prematurely-aged, chronically dry, and prone to redness/inflammation, unevenness, dullness, hyperpigmentation from photodamage, occasional breakouts (and the list goes on). Basically, I wanted my skin to improve in any number of ways in addition to wrinkles, and eXO has been a fantastic multitasker for me. It’s given me some of the most dramatic improvements I have seen from any skin care product I’ve tried, especially when I consider how many of my issues it has helped (e.g., an incredible boost in luminosity and smoothness, hydration, inflammation control, and evenness in tone with less hyperpigmentation). Other things that have been good for me about it . . .
    · It’s hard to find something that is both simple and effective, and eXO Face Perfection Moisturizer has been both in my case. It’s designed to be a streamlined moisturizer that replaces other products (e.g., eye creams, AM serum, AM moisturizer, PM serum, and PM moisturizer).

    · As a mom of three young kids, some days I need to be ready in a flash; I love that my skin can still look good in one step.

    · From the very first application, I saw an impressive boost in luminosity, and this luminescence and brightness got even better with regular use.

    · Although no topical product seems capable of completely erasing my expression lines, eXO has greatly diminished them and smoothed the overall texture of my skin.

    · Although results-driven, eXO is gentle enough for my reactive skin and feels good on contact.

    · It includes Vitamin C, kelp, Irish Moss, and Vitamin E for antioxidant protection.

    · For anyone who has stress or inflammation impacting their skin, eXO Face Perfection Moisturizer contains noni oil and kombu for redness and puffiness and Agascalm to soothe the effects of stress.

    · I have never experienced a single product this dynamic before!

    I certainly understand that your experience was quite different, and I do not mean to challenge your experience. I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity and to be a little more specific about the ways eXO has been helpful for me. I realize that you must get flooded with products to test and that you have to draw lines somewhere, but if you ever decide to carry eXO Face Perfection Moisturizer in your shop at some point in the future, I would love to be able to purchase it from Truth in Aging. Thanks again for the incredible opportunity! You and your team were great matchmakers in my case!

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