I have been a frustratingly fruitless mission to find a good eye cream for men (the person who sent me off on this wild goose chase knows exactly who he is). After a huge number of rejections, I am putting forward Menscience Eye Rescue and, with reservations, Lab Series Age Rescue Therapy.

Menscience ($37), as usual, has included some good anti-oxidants such as green tea, grape seed, vitamin C and E, and CoQ10. There are moisturizers in the form of shea butter, aloe vera, avocado and sodium hyaluranate (which helps retain moisture). For dark circles, there is vitamin K and kojic acid, plus euphrasia officinalis (a plant whose common name is brighteyes). There are a couple of largely pointless silicones. However, Menscience has gone easy on the preservatives so there is not much to dislike.

Lab Series Age Rescue Eye Therapy ($26) is included only because it manages to bob on the surface of a sea of mediocrity. It's not great, but it is mostly good. Once you've got past the glycerins and emulifiers, there is mulberry extract with plenty of anti-oxidants, apple, grape and green tea. There is also chlorella vulgaris, which is present in plants and algae and is a good source of vitamin B12, plus there is vitamin E and fish cartilage. Unfortunately Lab Series has also included as many preservatives as could be crammed into the tube including most parabens known to man and a few others that are known irritants.