I recently got married, and my wedding really was the most beautiful magical weekend I could imagine. I learned that when it comes to beauty care, there really is no substitute for immense bursting happiness - your skin glows, your eyes sparkle, and you truly just radiate. I think that’s the reason we think of brides as beaming with beauty. Unfortunately, it seems that this image of bridal perfection puts a lot of pressure on would-be brides to look flawless. From extensive and expensive bridal spa treatments to actual bridal Botox parties, there is no end to the lengths the industry will go to exploit brides' desire to be perfect for their big day.  I recently saw a horrendous and depressing show on E! called Bridalplasty, which is literally about soon-to-be brides competing for their wish list of plastic surgery.  It made me so sad I had to turn it off.

While I believe that the extreme pressure that leads to extreme measures is unfortunate for us brides, I am a beauty junkie at heart. So when Marta asked me if I had any pre-wedding beauty regimens to share with TIA, it seemed like a fair question. Surprisingly, I didn’t actually do anything out of the norm, besides getting lots of beauty sleep, indulging in a microcurrent facial right before the big day, and one special beauty adventure that I wanted to write about here… I got eyelash extensions. Let me start by saying, I LOVED them. But that’s just the beginning of the story.

The way eyelash extensions work is that the technician glues individual lashes to your existing lashes, in a painstaking process that happens one lash at a time. And while by my own personal standards I’m certain the glue is harsh and not harmless, it doesn’t actually touch the skin or the eyelash root. I can’t imagine that it’s good for that particular lash, but if you have a skilled technician there won’t be any lasting damage. When I went for my appointment I was a bit nervous. Understandably so, considering you have to lie with your eyes closed for hours (mine took two!) while someone pokes and prods at your delicate eyes. Sure she was gentle, but that didn’t stop my mind for wandering into those dark corners - “What am I doing? What if the glue seeps in? Is this really worth is? Am I that vain? How much longer? Is she messing up? Could I go blind?” Clearly this was not a relaxing situation. Finally, after what seemed endless, she was finished and I was able to open my eyes to reveal my thick flittery flirty luscious lashes. They were definitely beautiful.  At the wedding I got all sorts of compliments on how gorgeous my eyes looked.  And the only person who guessed they were fake was one of my gay male friends, Jordan.

Now here’s what they don’t tell you… lash extensions are a pain in the ass. If you sleep on them wrong, they’ll be pointing in all crazy directions in the morning. You have to carefully arrange them to keep them neat. Same thing if you rub your eyes too much. They naturally fall out as your lashes shed. But this also means that towards the end they look sort of random and weird. The idea is to go in for I guess refills of sorts, but that wasn’t something I was interested in keeping up. I was definitely happy to get rid of them after about three to four weeks. And I am about 100% sure I will never do them again. It was just way too much hassle. For brides who want a bit of extra flair for their big special day, I personally think temporary fake lashes is a way better option. And ultimately, bursting bridal bliss is by far the best accessory a bride could ever have.