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FemmeScience Age Control- reader reviewed

Is a Solution for:
Sagging Skin
June 29, 2010 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 3 Comments
Reviewed by Kerry

When Marta wrote “calling all 20-something’s and 30-something’s finally a brand that claims to aim to take you seriously” I was over the moon and typing my response in hope that I would be chosen to try FemmeScience Age Control ($54 US). Wow, I didn’t think I would get chosen because I live all the way in beautiful OZ!

The sad thing is I am reviewing this product purely for the American TIA community because FemmeScience does not ship outside the USA. For an Aussie Sheila (woman) with the early signs of aging this could be a bad thing. Let’s see...

FemmeScience focuses on addressing the concerns of the younger demographic; which is maintaining a youthful appearance.   I am 31 and have really been trying to look after my skin all my life but even with regular facials and all the lotions and potions; I have got my starter wrinkles. Now I am trying to test a product that that is supposed to stop or slow future aging. A hard thing to test! How can I tell if a serum I put on today will help my tomorrows? I was sceptical and thought that this could be the “fear marketing” that will have all us 20-30 something’s buying the product. So I tested for all the things I could see and feel.

As for my 20-30 something skin concerns, I am worried about my fine lines from expression and small amounts of pigmentation on my cheeks. I also worry about skin firmness and maintaining collagen. I have combination skin with an easily oily and congested t-zone.

As for the product it’s self, Marta has already placed a detailed description of the goodies and some possible badies contained in FemmeScience Age Control in her “Age Control dare to try it” May 9 2010 post.

On receiving FemmeScience Age Control, I eagerly opened the box to see a nicely packaged, 50ml pump pack which strangely had two lids as if to say “I am so powerful, hold me back!” or maybe the product suffers from oxidisation.  I expected Age Control to be more of a serum but it is a light unscented cream and goes on feeling like a moisturiser. Age control does not feel active and there were no tingles, it was quite soothing but because it felt like putting on a moisturiser  it seemed weird to  then put my moisturiser(Derma Radiant ,Anti Wrinkle Complex) over the top (there was ten minutes between application for Age control to work its magic).

A few days into the trial I started to have some queries about the product so I fired off an email to FemmeScience and waited... Then I fired off a second email and waited... finally, this was their response to my questions:-

Can the product be used around the eye area where “starter wrinkles” start?

We do not recommend using Age Control on the delicate eye area. FemmeScience has its Under Eye Renewal eye cream that was developed specifically to address starter wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet around and under the eye area.

What testing has been done to prove it is an effective product?

All of our products go through standard industry testing, as do all products, in order to determine whether the products deliver on their claims.

What research was referred to in the development of the formula?

The formula was developed with the highest-quality, industry-standard botanicals and ingredients that have track records of efficacy and benefits, and in concentrations that are effective.

Is Femme Science age control a standalone, effective product or does it have to be used in conjunction with your other products?

Yes, the product can be used apart from other FemmeScience products, in conjunction with other products that you might already have in your skincare routine. We do, however, recommend following it with the Night Cream because the formulas are complementary.

Will you be starting to offer shipping worldwide in the future?

We plan to be sold nationally and internationally, both online and in stores. Our goal is for the first of these developments to be completed by the end of this year.

Finally, there are people who worry about the inclusion of DMDM hydantoin and iodpropynyl butylcarbamate. Why do you include these particular ingredients and what do you feel about their safety for use in your skincare?

FemmeScience uses industry-standard ingredients that have been approved for use in skincare by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review. Both of those preservative ingredients have been approved safe by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel.

Ford-Carther, J (Corporate Communications Manager) ‘Company and product information please 2’, accessed June 2 2010

After having my questions answered I didn’t feel any more assured that FemmeScience Age Control was going to do what FemmeScience claimed; I really felt that they threw me the standard industry jargon. I also thought it was weird that the product claims to be for starter wrinkles but can’t be put near the eyes, I mean how many of us have our first signs of aging on our cheek? I was more inclined to keep faith that Marta thought that this was a good 20-30’s product to keep myself on the trial.

As the trial continued I noticed significant congestion even though I hadn’t changed my exfoliation (Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie) routine at all, there were also a few more instances of breakout than is normal for me. I contacted Marta and she informed me that it could be due to the inclusion of cetearyl alcohol or laureth 7.

The Verdict-

At the end of the month long trial FemmeScience Age Control had a slight effect on skin tone by lightening the pigmentation on my cheeks but there were no remarkable effects to skin texture or firmness. The fine lines were still there but there weren’t any extra lines. Would I pay the $1.40 that it costs per millilitre? I am not sure; I liked the effect on pigmentation but I didn’t like the congestion, its back to the drawing board for me.

I am so pleased to also be announcing that I have just been given the OK by Marta to do another review for you all, and I am really excited because it is a brand new cream called Viper Milk by Eclogite (I think the name got me) what is in a name? Let’s see...

I feel privileged to be included in the TIA community all the way in OZ. Also a final thank you to Marta for taking steps to take the TIA shop global, I think you’re blood’s worth bottling!


Acqua purificata (purified water), caprylic/capric triglycerides, stearic acid, acetyl hexapeptide, palmitoyl oligopeptide, curcuma longa root (turmeric) extract, camellia sinensis (green tea) extract, glycerin, ubiquinone (coq-10), niacinamide, soya sterol, beta glucan, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (vitamin c), retinol (vitamin a), polyacrylamide, persea gratissima (avocado) extract, butylene glycol, c13-14 isoparaffin, hyaluronic acid, carbomer, polysorbate 20, polysorbate 60, lecithin, carnitine, laureth-7, propylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, thioctic (alpha lipoic) acid, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), dmdm hydantoin, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate

  • July 15, 2010

    by Kerence

    Hi my name on the blog is Kerence and there is a funny story to the name but I’ll tell you about that later.
    Thankyou both, I was not sure that anyone would comment on my article so it’s very nice that you did. I absolutely love the truth in aging website and have been enjoying being a reviewer. Fingers crossed that I get to do this far into the future!
    Oh yes sunscreens, The harshness of Australia is something that I have experienced in full.
    From growing up in Sydney late teens in Canberra then to the oppressive heat and humidity of Darwin. Then right over to the top of Queensland in Townsville which is also called Brownsville and it is, and now newly in Brisbane also known as Brisvegas.
    So sunscreen is my thing! I actually should do a detailed review for you but in short-
    Clothing (the best of all sunscreens), Sunscreen, Wide brimmed hat, sunglasses,
    We call this Slip, slop, slap, wrap.
    Slip on some clothing slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat and wrap around some glasses!
    And I absolutely swear by Invisible Zinc (IZ) developed by Australians for Australians with No nano partials no titanium oxide it is a true physical sunscreen with 20% Zinc oxide. For outdoor activities it is IZ 4 hours water resistant which is so thick that you no it’s there protecting you.
    But for day to day I love the IZ Environmental Skin Protector (ESP) because it too has 20% zinc but in a light fluid with antioxidants which will leave a light whitish cast but kind of covers imperfections. It makes a great base for my Aussie, Inika Mineral makeup SPF 20 with no petrochemicals, fillers, talc, bismuth oxychloride, GM ingredients, parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, phthalates and fragrances it is so good that I then but on some of their bronzer for a healthy golden glow and I am the ready to go!
    About the funny name story, in Australia we are big on nicknames and usually it means just shortening you name in some way. In some cases adding a zza to the end for example Sharon becomes Shazza and for me that would mean being called Kezza instead of Kerry right? Not according to my wacky husband, he says that if Terry is short for Terence that it makes sense that my Name Kerry is short for my “full name” Kerence! And people do actually call me that. So we may be a bit upside down Downunder after all!

  • June 29, 2010

    by Julie Kay

    Welcome aboard, Kerry! I've been to Oz; Sydney particularly. I got a sunburn sitting the shade of a concrete bulkhead at Bondi Beach waiting for my niece to have her beach experience. It is harsh down there compared to here. You can offer us some perspective on that, perhaps. Like in sunscreens? ~jk

  • June 29, 2010

    by Sandy

    Thanks, Kerry. I enjoyed your article.

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