A friend got me this cute Fiat Luxe felted soap ($14) from Anthropologie a while ago as part of many gifts for my birthday. I thought it was a an original idea (a soap that is as natural as it is pretty) and I can't say I have ever seen anything like it before. The handmade soap contains only a few simple ingredients: olive, palm and coconut oils, purified water and other essential oils (depending on which of the 4 different soaps you get -- it comes in Amber, Lavender Mist, Verbena and Lavender). I thought it would be a lovely, "greener" addition to my shower.

The soaps are spun in anti-fungal wool which exfoliates (and they claim, "lathers") while cleaning your skin with its antimicrobial properties at the same time. They also say when the soap dissolve, you can reuse the little pouf by making a small incision in it and placing your own favorite soap bar inside. I didn't make it that far.

The one I have is in Amber, and have been trying to get it to "lather" for some time now to no avail. The wool is a little rough on the skin and trying to do a scrub down doesn't feel pleasant. Thinking it takes some time to build a lather, I continued trying to use it for a few more weeks, and still nothing. It doesn't smell like anything, and instead of feeling fresh after my shower, I just feel red all over from trying to rub it on my skin. After enough attempts, I decided it was time to toss it. I would rather go with something a little more grainy to exfoliate -- do you have any favorite exfoliaters you can suggest?

olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, purified water and other essential oils