The generosity of the nice people at Sustainable Youth knows no bounds. They have already given 10 of us their aloe vera based products to test, and now they are at it again.

This time they have organized a contest for Truth In Aging readers and the winner will receive one free Total Immune Performance Regimen Package (three products - serum, cream and supplements - total value of $225). The contest is a kind of scavenger hunt and we need you to answer these four questions.

1. What is Alasta?

2. List three areas where Sustainable Youth Products are most helpful (hint, view Case Studies)

3. What is Sustainable Youth's Philosophy?

4. Fill in the blank to complete the connection: Immune Performance, Anti-Inflammation, and _________.

5. Bonus: In your opinion, what is most unique about Sustainable Youth Products?

You will find the answers over on the Sustainable Youth website. Once you have found them, come back and post your responses in the comments section on this post.

We will randomly - or perhaps highly subjectively, so make your answers interesting - select a winner who will receive the Total Immune Performance Regimen Package.