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Find the Keys to Sustainable Youth Contest

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June 9, 2009 Reviewed by Marta 3 Comments
The generosity of the nice people at Sustainable Youth knows no bounds. They have already given 10 of us their aloe vera based products to test, and now they are at it again.

This time they have organized a contest for Truth In Aging readers and the winner will receive one free Total Immune Performance Regimen Package (three products - serum, cream and supplements - total value of $225). The contest is a kind of scavenger hunt and we need you to answer these four questions.

1. What is Alasta?

2. List three areas where Sustainable Youth Products are most helpful (hint, view Case Studies)

3. What is Sustainable Youth's Philosophy?

4. Fill in the blank to complete the connection: Immune Performance, Anti-Inflammation, and _________.

5. Bonus: In your opinion, what is most unique about Sustainable Youth Products?

You will find the answers over on the Sustainable Youth website. Once you have found them, come back and post your responses in the comments section on this post.

We will randomly - or perhaps highly subjectively, so make your answers interesting - select a winner who will receive the Total Immune Performance Regimen Package.
  • August 14, 2014

    by Nancy

    Is there any news of Sustaiable Youth? Did they go out of business?

  • June 9, 2009

    by michlny

    1. Alasta is a Sustainable Youth's own active complex comprised of the (patented) extract Aloeride. Alasta has been shown to stimulate the immune- system's first line of defense. It reduces overall inflammation in the body; thereby contributing to more youthful appearance.

    2. Most helpful in reducing overall inflammation which results in fewer free radical reactions, less collagen cross-linking and less oxidative stress. These effects result in increased elasticity and firmness of the skin.

    3. Their philosophy is one I wholeheartedly embrace - Beauty can and should be achieved from the Inside Out.

    4. Immune Performance, Anti-Inflammation, and less oxidative stress and free radical reactions and, therefore, less collagen cross-linking and breakdown, resulting in increased elasticity and firmness. This is certainly something my skin is thirsting for!! Between its age and NYC living, my skin NEEDS Sustainable Youth!!

    5. I am actually really glad I learned about this brand through this contest on my Google feed! I am kneee deep in a switch over to natural products w/o all the harsh chemicals of all the regular brands. I do not want to sacrifice results, so I have been testing various brands and products. After perusing SY's website I really love their philosophy - I strive to keep my diet healthy, my fitness level high and my stress levels low in order to keep my beauty shining from the inside out. SY is the perfect mix of science (proven results) and sustainable, natural beauty. Clearly Alasta is a proprietary ingredient that no other product will have. So, I would be truly excited to try this line of products. It seems my skin could really use it!!

  • June 9, 2009

    by Deborah Barnett

    1. Alastra enhances performance of certain immune cells which in turn, reduces the amount of inflammation in the body. To process Alastra, leaves from the aloe plant are harvested, turned into a powder and results in macrophage activation through Aloeride, the active ingredient in Alastra.
    2. Areas of benefit: tightening of skin, filling in lines especially around eyes, skin texture is plumper/fuller.
    3. The philosophy of S.Y. centers on building evidence-based organic products that work from the inside. It is rooted in science but looks to build a body of data from real users. The case study area is a bit thin, so offering your readers a chance to test-drive their products (perhaps offering a mini-size for some limited period of time to gain more testimonials?) would be brilliant! I also love their concept of youth as a sustainable resource
    4. Fill in the blank to complete the connection: Immune Performance, Anti-Inflammation, and Anti-Aging.
    5. I think there are two things that make them different: a 30-day guarantee (few companies offer this, and when you are spending close to $200 for a skin care system, it's compelling for a company to back up their product so resoundingly) and the supplement piece of the puzzle (all others are topical - interesting to work from the inside out).

    PS - you have a great site - I have gotten hooked on reviewing products here. My daughter, who is 22, also relies on your reviews so she's sure she isn't using products that will cause damage down the road. Thanks for great work!

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