I once house-sat for someone and was struck, in a way that has slightly troubled me ever since, by the number of scrubs she had in her bathroom. I counted 17 pots of exfoliants before I began to feel I was snooping and guiltily stopped. What kind of person buys and half uses that many body scrubs? Was she, I wondered, trying to scrub herself away? A pointless aside, but somehow I've never forgotten it and I have only recently got into tracking down a good scrub. I am pleased to say that, between us, the Truth In Aging Wrinkle Warriers have found enough for a round-up of the Five Best body scrubs.

I was recently switched on to products by the Hawaiian brand Malie by Jimmy when he reviewed the Massage Tonic (although being Jimmy he had to go all the way to Kuaia to get an "authentic experience"). They are made with mostly organic ingredients. I recently bought the Organic Body Polish ($40) with sea salt and coconut. The thing about scrubs is that they can be too harsh or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, gloopy and deficient in the exfoliant department. This one is perfectly calibrated to buff and nourish. You don't need moisturizer after it! And it smells of the sea. It is highly deserving of top of the Five Best.

Claire's nomination is, of course, by her beloved Jurlique. Biodynamic Refining Body Treatment ($35) has apricot seeds (which are, apparently, perfectly round and therefore not overly abrasive) to do the scrubbing part. Then there is willow bark, horse chesnut and a host of other botanicals. Claire says it reduces pores and removes flaky skin to leave a radiant glow.

Another recent find is the Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub 1.69 Oz.. This qualified for a Truth In Aging's Anti-aging Olympics nomination on account of the fact that it uses super cleansing ingredient moringa. The seed of the moringa tree is a powerful remover of pollutants and other nasties as well as being a  potent antioxidant. Moringa is just making its way into beauty products and The Body Shop is back (after a few years in the wilderness) on form as a far-sighted pioneer.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Body Peel isn't exactly a scrub, but it does a similar job. There are glycolic, citric and lactic acids to do the peeling job. Plus retinyl palmitate (vitamin A). Actually, you don't peel at all. You apply a thin layer to your body, wait 10 minutes and rinse off. The result is smoother feeling, brighter looking skin. The package warns that it might tingle - not an experience I have. The nourishing part comes from anti-oxidant grape juice, alga, aloe and vitamin C. Use it and feel spring cleaned.

Ousted by the Malie as my favorite, but not to be overlooked, is Juara Skincare Candlenut Body Polish 6.75oz Sloughing is provided by ground walnut shell, and nourishment provided by avocado, illipe butter, candlenut and rice bran oil. The candlenut, new to me, is a versatile fruit and once cooked (it is toxic in its raw state), it can be eaten or you can do like the Tongalese and make it into shampoo. It is so oily that it was used in the past to make candles - hence, the name.