Upcoming Valentine’s Day got me musing about coupledom. The best couples are people who maintain their individuality but are even better by being part of a great team. And that got me to thinking about product couples. There are some beauty products that go really well together and when combined can give an even better performance. In honor of V Day, here are my Five Best power couples:

Lick Your Lip Lines with ReLuma and Define. This is a match made in TIA heaven. A diligent daily regimen of ReLuma’s serum and Your Best Face Define can fade lip lines (although you may need to give it a few months to see results – but, hey, we should be looking at couples for the long haul). YBF Define, designed to target the lip area, was tested by Truth In Aging VIP members before it was even launched and was tweaked following their comments. It is an outstanding product that makes the lips look darker and a little fuller. ReLuma's serum includes wound healing human growth factors and they like nothing better than to have a wrinkle to set about repairing. 

Sevani Rose Hyaluronic Age Defying Tonique and Juice Beauty Organic Facial Moisture Concentrate. I am being wooed by this year’s facial oil trend and have perfected my own technique for application that involves a spritz of the best toner going followed by a gentle massage of facial oil. Max put me on to Juice Beauty’s facial oil after it passed all his tests from packaging, smell, texture and moisturizing abilities. Sevani’s Tonique is not your mother’s toner. It has a base of aloe, tremella hyaluronic acid for moisture retention and vitamin D, pomegranate and MSM. The two together feel so good its almost decadent. 

Sirius Aurora and Private Reserve. I put a lot of store in LED light therapy for combating wrinkles and sagging skin. LED seems to work by targeting water layers on elastin. The long-term effects of LED have been shown to have antioxidant effects, but the short-term effects can be pro-oxidant (meaning it can increase the presence of radical scavengers – not a good thing). Scientists in Germany and China found that this short-term effect can be counteracted by applying a topical antioxidant while using the LED light. So that’s what I do. My topical antioxidant of choice is YBF’s new oil, Private Reserve, and I love it for its pleasing texture and super simple formula of only four ingredients, two of which are powerful radical scavengers. Appropriately, YBF has created a special Valentine’s Day limited edition with rose.

The Younger Skin Collection with Skin Nutrition Cell CPR and Osmosis Replenish. This power couple is a favorite with TIA readers (and me). Both these products are great anti-aging serums in their own right, but together they just seem to make the complexion glow. Osmosis has antioxidant astaxanthin and phosphatidycholine for moisture boosting as well as a host of other good things. Cell CPR has a whopping 70 ingredients and almost all of them are actives. 

Hair Signals and Emu Oil. This couple might not be sexy, but they do belong together. If your hair is thinning, overly shedding and giving up the ghost then these products will help hair growth. Best applied to a damp scalp, start with pure emu oil (a Boston scientist demonstrated that it helps revive even dormant follicles) and follow with copper peptides infused Hair Signals.