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Five Best Eye Creams June 2008

Five Best Eye Creams June 2008
June 30, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 6 Comments

Truth In Aging has come a long way since the last (and first) Five Best Eye Creams list was posted at the beginning of the year. It's sobering to realize how much more knowledgeable I am now. Actually, I should rephrase that: it's sobering to realize how little I knew about what I was slathering on my face for all those years. Anyway, Truth In Aging's new Five Best Eye Creams really do work.

Your Best Face (YBF) Correct ($150 for 0.5oz in the TIA shop). This is the best eye cream that I have ever used and is going to be hard to beat. It has improved my eye area on all fronts: dark circles, eyelid droop, fine lines, crow's feet. Last week I met a friend I haven't seen for a while and the first thing she remarked on, pointing at my eyes, was how relaxed I look. YBF Correct has spin trap, a clever antioxidant that actually targets free radicals and stops them doing any damage.

best eye cream

Ischia Thermae Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Cream ($124 for 0.5oz). This was my favorite before YBF came along. It has vitamin A, E and provitamin B, as well as macadamia nut oil. It does a good job of minimizing fine lines and counteracting puffiness.

best eye cream

Stem Organics Intensive Eye Serum ($65). I really like this Australian brand. The Stem cleanser is a new favorite. The products are all natural, use some good anti-oxidants and the prices are fairly keen. The Eye Serum has Stem's signature ingredient, kakadu, which is packed full of vitamin C, pomegranate, vitamin E and vegetable collagen. The base is aloe, rather than water.

best eye cream

Sundari Chamomile Eye Oil ($40 for 0.3oz). I use this in the evenings so that I don't OD on creams and serums, resulting in blocked pores. It is one of those products that deserves to be praised for its simplicity: avocado, jojoba and almond oils with a touch of chamomile. That's it.

best eye cream

Issimo Guy Gear Eye Thing ($28). Finally, a good eye cream in the men's dept. Green tea and caffeine are good anti-oxidants and there are plenty of vitamins: A, E, C, D and K. The K will be good for dark under eye circles. Turmeric, orange and pineapple should help tone and de-puff. There is also marigold, algae and soy protein. There isn't much to dislike: a couple of parabens and panthene (pro-vitamin B that can be a mild irritant). Recycled packaging.

  • January 31, 2009

    by marta

    Men's skin is thicker than women's so their potions need to be able to penetrate and can afford to be a little richer. But I personally think that women's brands are worth trying - for the most part, more research has gone into them.

  • January 31, 2009

    by Quang

    Is there a difference between a men's anti-wrinkle cream and women's or does it matter?

  • January 13, 2009

    by Jane

    I recommend you the Perfective Ceuticals Anti-imperfection Eye Therapy Eye Cream. This eye cream contains Egf and Emu Oil. It doesn't clog pores, it indeed helps to clean pores. The eye cream itself is very moisturizing. Good for anti-aging and anti-wrinkles purpose.

    There is also a topical gel called Dalacin T by Pfizer. It contains 1% of Clindamycin Phosphate. It helps to clear out clogged pores and pimples. It can be used on the face except the eye area.

  • July 17, 2008

    by Jan Raza

    <p>The new A&G Eye serum is available online now, I've been using it for a week now, my friend got it for me during the Vegas show 2 weeks ago. Again another extraordinary product from the people at A&G. I am loving it and I've seen outstanding improvements within 3 days. Marta if you are reading this, get hold of it and give it a try. From experience there are no good eye creams in the market and this one will make a splash. Marta I will love to know what you think.</p>

  • July 14, 2008

    by marta

    <p>So far, I don't think YBF Correct is clogging my pores (and I am prone). I have found that a good approach is to alternate a good anti-aging eye cream (in my case YBF) with a light oil or serum (say at night or a couple of days a week). That's what I use the Sundari for. </p>

  • July 13, 2008

    by goldi

    <p>can you recommend an eye cream that doesn't clog the pores under the eyes?</p>

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