Halloween means that its time to don a mask. Not the scary type – although we don’t recommend answering the door to the FedEx guy wearing any of our picks (you’ll look beautiful once you rinse them off, not while you are wearing them). Most of my Five Best face masks have stood the test of time and there is also a new hydrating mask from E’shee that makes the ranks. These masks all do a slightly different job so choose the one that's best for what your skin needs, pour yourself a glass of wine, give your face a Halloween treat and trick your friends into thinking you just had an expensive spa visit.

E’shee Aqua Radiance Hydra Mask ($96 for 3.4 fl oz in the TIA shop). Best for thirsty skin in need of hydration.This is a new addition to the E’shee line of high performing serums. This is all about hydration and it is actually much more than a mere mask, multitasking as a moisturizer, night cream and after shave lotion. In an aloe base, there’s cucumber, witch hazel, hydrating sodium hyaluronate, antioxidant grape and d-panthenol (vitamin B5). There’s a couple of potential irritants in the form of propylene glycol and triethanolmine, but my sensitive skin has been fine with it. Read the full review

Tilvee’s Acai Pomegranate Rejuvenating Masque ($27 for 2oz in the TIA shop). Best value and for lovers of all-natural products. This mask is pure goodness, loads of fun (you can use it for really creative DIY concoctions) and the price/quality ratio is exceptional. Tilvee has somehow magically transformed a mouth watering fruit salad (pomegranate, chokeberry and much more) into powder form and put it into a tub. All you do is add a drop of water and make a paste. Well that’s if you have zero imagination. How about adding in your favorite toner, or you customize your own sun spot treatment by adding in apple cider vinegar, oatmeal, lemon juice, and mashed papaya. Even the plain old water paste will make your skin really soft and glowing. Read the full review

Your Best Face Prep Microdermabrasion ($80 for 1.7oz in the TIA shop). Best for anti-aging and large pores. This mask is a clever multitasker that exfoliates and delivers antiaging ingredients. Great for blackheads, uneven skin, complexions that need refreshing and a weekly mask that will give your serums a boost. Prep will enhance the effectiveness of any other from any other brands that you may use. But best of all it has great antiaging peptides including Syn-Tacks and Matrixyl 3000, clarifying alpha arbutin and an ingredient called Pentavitin that helps the skin retain moisture. Read Katya’s review

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel. Best for dark spot fading and organic lovers. There are two strengths, but for face I prefer the Sensitive version. If you use it over time, you will see freckles fade.  As being a dark spot fader and skin brightener, it also helps with acne and breakouts. Juice Beauty focuses on organic ingredients and this mask has fruit juices, alpha hydroxyl acids, vitamins and alga. Read Sarah’s review

La Vie Celeste Restorative Exfoliating Gel Mask ($60 in the TIA shop). Best for brightening.This facial mask is one of the best glycolic products I have found. A gentle, but effective 5% glycolic concentration that is a terrific skin brightener. The glycolic’s brightening and smoothing effects are given a helping hand by exfoliating bamboo grains, licorice and bearberry extract, which is loaded with alpha arbutin - a natural (safer) hydroquinone. Organically sourced antioxidants include white tea (supposedly better than green tea) and melon. Read Kelley’s review