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This is my first ever Five Best for wrinkles. I know, it’s hard to believe and it was only when I was answering an email from a community member asking for the best anti-wrinkle serums that I found that I hadn’t already put together a Five Best. Happily, once I started to put my mind to it, I was able to select some wonderful serums that work very specifically to actively diminish and prevent wrinkles and here they are.

  • ClarityRX Get Fit Serum

    ClarityRX Get Fit Serum ($105.75 in the shop). This is one of my latest finds and when I reviewed it, I stuck my neck out and declared it a game changer. The effect that it has had on my crow’s feet is, forehead and upper lip lines is remarkable. The positive reaction from the community suggests that I didn’t go out on a limb. It is all down to a very focused formula that does not try to do it all. Get Fit Serum’s mission is get those wrinkles with a powerful combination of six peptides, neuropeptides for reducing expression lines and Matrixyl 3000 for boosting collagen, plus hyaluronic acid and that’s about it. The only thing to dislike is phenoxyethanol.
  • AQ Skin Solutions Active Serum

    AQ Skin Solutions Active Serum ($149 in the shop). A top seller for several years, AQ contains has a concentration of over 40%) of the epidermal growth factor proteins that stimulate cells to repair by boosting collagen production. Initially developed for wound healing, this growth factor complex gives short shrift to fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum

    Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum ($88 in the shop). This nighttime serum features a dynamic trio of retinol, ferulic acid, and niacinamide to fade wrinkles. I have sensitive skin and am wary of retinol products. Plus this has an array of alpha hydroxyl acids as well. However, this is gentle enough for me to use every night and wake up to more radiant skin. I should also give a mention to silybum (one of my favorite antioxidants) and collagen amino acids.
  • Elena Rubin Stirling Super Serum

    Elena Rubin Stirling Super Serum ($289 in the shop). The first sentence from our reviewer, Karin was: “To say this product is a miracle worker might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much”. I rather think I agree with her. The impressive 7-peptide formula is just that – seven peptides plus wheat and soy proteins. One of them, hexapeptide-11 upregulates key genes responsible for collagen production and hyaluronic acid. Palmitoyl oligopeptide has three amino acids and is a GHK peptide or glycine-histidine-lysine that triggers the synthesis of collagen. When tripeptide-1 is combined with wheat and soy, as it is here, it goes by the name of Aldenine and mimics the relationship of the growth factors involved in the healing process and synthesis of collagen.
  • Stemulation Hi-Impact

    Stemulation Hi-Impact ($185 in the shop). The big three here are sH-Oligopeptide-1, hyaluronic acid and Madonna lily leaf extract to noticeably diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Other notable actives are hexapeptide-33, which is said (there isn’t much documented research on this one) to brighten skin as well as repair wrinkles, and a strain of bacteria from the Antarctic that is really good at retaining water and it may also help boost collagen. With Hi-Impact, crepey, rough skin is rendered positively velvety.