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Five Best moisturizers for men

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Face Care for Men
May 3, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
Truth In Aging is proud to present its first Five Best selection of men's facial products. Its a bit of a hotch-potch  of moisturizers and serums - as time goes on and we find more good things, the selection can be refined to Five Best eye creams for men and so on. What used to be called men's grooming is finally moving into cutting edge anti-aging skin care. Five Best's criteria is, as always, based on scrupulously reviewing all ingredients and recommending those that are backed by clinical trials, seeing the evidence with our own eyes, and choosing products that do no evil (or as little as possible) to us or the environment.

I even like the name of this one: Issimo Guy Gear Eye Thing. And there is a lot to like about this eye cream, which costs a very reasonable $28. Green tea and caffeine are good anti-oxidants and there are plenty of vitamins: A, E, C, D and K. Turmeric, orange and pineapple should help tone and de-puff. There is also marigold, algae and soy protein. There isn't much to dislike: a couple of parabens and panthene (pro-vitamin B that can be a mild irritant). Recycled packaging.

Created by a plastic Surgeon the Nutra Luxe line has a good anti-aging serum for men. Men Only Daily Moisturizer has no preservatives (the most likely irritants and pollutants in a potion) at all. It has some very good anti-oxidants: astraxanthin, green tea, sea kelp, palmitoyl pentapeptides and coenzyme Q10. There is also DMAE, vitamin C and E, hyaluronic acid, alpha lipoic acid and retinol. There is SPF 30 sunscreen and a somewhat unusual cosmetic ingredient: lutein, a carotenoid found in leafy greens.

It has GABA and Arguireline, both of which I regard to be a waste of space, but otherwise MenScience Anti-Aging Formula is full of good things: powerful anti-oxidants in the forms of matrixyl 3000, coenzyme Q10 and carotene; retinyl and hyaluronic acid; plus sesame and avocado. One intriguing ingredient is hydrocotyle gotu kola, a plant that is used in India for all manner of ailments (the only conclusive studies have shown that it does help diminish varicose veins). There is absolutely nothing nasty in this potion; even the preservative is a mild, non-irritating one.

I've just started my husband off on Mychelle For Men Smooth. He is proving to be a frustratingly earnest reviewer and refuses to comment until he has done a full appraisal (by which he probably means to go through the entire bottle). I have high hopes, however: there is olive oil and shea butter, pumpkin seed, astraxanthin (a super-duper anti-oxidant that is much more powerful than vitamin E), green tea and lycopene.

Clark Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask has xylitylglucosideanhydroxylitol, which might sound like a song from Mary Poppins but is in fact a sugar found in wheat that really helps skin retain moisture and boosts the skin's natural hyaluronic acid. There is also green tea, comfrey, algae, jasmine and vitamin E. Not the most impressive anti-ager, but a good product for a thirsty face.

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