With New York's cold, dry winter showing no end, my face is starting to look like my heels. This is not a good thing. Preoccupied with moisturizers, I have made some really good finds lately. This is Truth In Aging's Five Best - a list that is regularly updated as we find more (and better) things that do what they are supposed to, are kind to the planet, have given demonstrable results that we have seen with our own eyes and the ingredients are backed by clinical research (or, at the very least, do no evil).

Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Bio-peptide Creme. A fan of Image Skincare's serum for a while now, I've just started to try out this moisturizer in the company's Ormedic organic line. I was really struck by the lovely smell and texture and, within a few days, I could say the same about my skin. I was even more amazed by the ingredients list. I think this must be one of the few creams in the world that doesn't have water (aqua) as its dominant ingredient. That position is reserved for aloe (organic, of course), followed by olive and apricot (responsible for the smell). The main anti-oxidant is hydroxydrecyl ubiquinone more commonly known as Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 (there are plenty of studies to back up the radical scavenger claims of this ingredient). There is shea butter, lots of other plant extracts, grape seed (another anti-oxidant with a proper pedigree), and vitamin C. And that is it. Probably more amazing for all the crap that isn't in it than for what is, this is one of the purest products yet!. Not easy to come by: my source is http://www.ildipekar.com.

Aesop Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream. Another new find. Aesop is an Australian brand and I recently got switched on to their hair care products whilst researching how to live without shampoo for Truth In Hair Care. Aesop's Primrose Cream is one of the signature products of a company that tries to avoid paraben preservatives and other nasties. It doesn't manage to achieve quite the balance of purity and powerful anti-oxidant that Image Skincare's Ormedic pulls off, but it is still a really nice cream. It contains (as well as primrose) grape seed, wheat germ, other plant extracts and vitamin E.

Zelens Skin Science Cellular Reconstruction Night Cream. A good friend of mine uses this as her day cream and she switched me on the Zelens range. Although it no longer contains fullerenes C60, it has a cocktail of botanical anti-oxidants. The Zelens serum is also very good. And it is still the sexiest packaging out there.

YonKa Fluid Optimizer Phytobio Moisturizer. My hairdresser has a very nice complexion. I think its mostly because she is a vegetarian and unflappably chilled out. Anyway, she claims it has to do with YonKa products. This is a French brand that focuses on using natural ingredients. This moisturizer has a lot to like such as tea (a proven anti-oxidant). The only thing to warn against is that it contains a preservative called diazolidinyl urea that is known to be an irritant.

Origins Youthtopia Skin Firming Cream with Rhodiola. Thirty something friends of mine in San Francisco claim to be getting very good results from this line from Origins. The key ingredient, Rhodiola, is a plant that grows in Siberia. The theory seems to be that something that can thrive somewhere that is so inhospitable must have great powers. I am not sure I really buy into that, but my friends' recommendations are extremely positive.