Whilst us boomers are enjoying great advances in skincare, I am shocked at how short-changed 20-somethings are. They get to choose between treated as though they are still an acne-prone teenager or are welcomed into adulthood by staid and stale regimes such as Clinique's impoverished three-step thing (it's been around since I was 20-something). There are 20-something brands, but all too often they use manic marketing to disguise mediocre products (think Philosophy).

20-somethings, thankfully, are an eco-conscious generation and so the first criteria for their skincare shopping should be do no evil, to themselves or the planet. Nor will they with John Masters Organics for hair and skin. While 20-somethings don't need heavy duty anti-agers, they do need to get off to a good start with a skincare regime that keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Happily, there are lovely botanical brands such as Stem and Suki that will do just that. And, while not all of our Five Best brand picks are found in the bargain bins, we have made more than a nod to the fact 20-somethings are acutely feeling squeezed by the economy. It doesn't get better value than Yes To Carrots and for bathroom cabinet basics Weleda just cleans up.