Finishing sprays that give you sleek, shiny hair (nothing to do with holding sprays) either don't work too well or leave locks limp with the weight of as many different silicones as can be crammed in the bottle. Here are five that work well, don't make you scared to stand near a naked flame and won't kill (too much) marine life.

Top pick is Philip B Shin Shine. Although it looks as if someone didn't do a good job of proof reading the label, the oddly named Shin Shine does the job and isn't full of crap. There are nine ingredients in all. Two are light silicones, some fragrance and the rest are plant extracts. Philip B seems to prove time and again with his products that you can make things that work (and this does, I put some on this morning in fact) on the minimum of - mostly - natural ingredients.


Similarly Fekkai's Glossing Sheer Shine Mist is not much more than a couple of silicones and plant extracts. Unlike the Philip B, which goes on wet hair, the Fekkai should be sprayed on once the hair is dry and at a distance of six or so inches. It is important not to overdo it because it will look greasy rather shiny. In prudent hands, it works just fine.

Got2B Dazzling isn't bad. The usual silicones provide the gloss. Unfortunately one of them is not easily rinsed out so beware of silicone build up. There is a UV filter - helpful for protecting chemical color.


Phytospecific Extreme Shine Spray has a sunscreen, vitamin E, plant extracts, a couple of ingredients that hold all the other ingredients together (otherwise it would look like unshaken salad dressing), an emollient that stops things feeling greasy and silicones.

Oscar Blandi Jasmine Shine Spray. This is the spray version of Jasmin Oil Serum. In addition to jasmin, it has rice, brand and olive oils, vitamin E, a sunscreen and vitamin B5.