We are entering a period of solar storms, experts at the Space Weather Prediction Space tell us. A sobering thought while you are nursing a beer by the barbeque on Memorial Day and all the more reason to be wearing sunscreen. Here are my Five Best sunscreens of 2012 – all great formulations that take mineral sunscreens to a new level. I am a big believer in layering antioxidants under sunscreen. According to the American Academy of Dermatology they offer a second, “active” level of protection. So, take a look at the companion post I’ve put together on the Five Best vitamin C serums. First, choose your sunscreen:

Snowberry Everyday Broad Spectrum SPF15 ($35 in the TIA shop). Snowberry has an innovative and intelligent formula that uses unusual actives to help minimize the need for chalky minerals. The result is a light and comfortable formula that doesn’t have the Casper effect. Zinc oxide is accompanied by galangal, a relative of ginger that is natural source of ethyl methoxycinnamate, which is known for its sun-protecting properties (source). There’s also ferulic acid for protecting from sun damage and Siberian larch for inhibiting melanin. This has become an everyday go-to for me. Read my full review.

MD Solar Sciences SPF30 and SPF40 ($29 for the Lotion in the TIA shop for $24 for the Tinted Gel in the TIA shop). Although I wouldn’t normally go near a product with so much silicone, I make an exception for MD Solar. Both the lotion and gel are velvety smooth, so light that you don’t know you are wearing anything and do not make me break out. It’s hard to believe that they are both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. If you don’t ordinarily like mineral sunscreens, check these out. The lotion does not leave a chalky residue and can easily be worn with makeup. With an SPF40, it performs well for outdoor activities (I wear it when I go running). The gel, which comes with an every-woman tint that most skin tones can wear, is an SPF30 and got a very positive review from reader reviewer Kira. Read Kira’s review

Suntegrity All Natural Moisturizing Face Protection SPF30 ($45 in the TIA shop). The active is zinc oxide at 20%. The thing I like best about Suntegrity (there is a body version as well for $29 in the TIA shop), is that it has powerful antioxidants such as astaxanthin. This is a potent radical scavenger, and analyses have shown that astaxanthin is also an efficient absorber of specific ultraviolet sunlight rays that may contribute to skin aging and cancer. It gets an antioxidant boost from red algae and pomegranate. No nasties and it is paraben free. Read the full Suntegrity review.

Hydropeptide SPF30 Anti-wrinkle Skin Enhancing UV Protection ($40). This sunscreen has been formulated to match your natural skin tone and will not leave a chalky residue. It does a good job of protection, over several weeks will smooth the texture of the skin and reduce redness - making this an excellent choice for rosacea sufferers. Nisha loves it and claims that it is one of the few sunscreens she can recommend to people with highly sensitive skin. There are some good botanicals here that soothe (calendula) and provide antioxidants (green tea and acai). Like Snowberry (see above), it has kaempferia galangal, related to the ginger family and a natural source of ethyl methoxycinnamate, which is known for its sun-protecting properties. It may also enhance the efficacy of other sunscreen ingredients. Active ingredients: Titanium dioxide 2.5%, zinc oxide 6%.

Nutra-Lift Maximum Protection UVA & UVB SPF 30 ($21). The actives are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. As Summer put it in her review, the ingredients read more like an organic smoothie than a sunscreen. There is aloe vera and oat protein to soothe the skin, plus extract of soybean, sunflower seed, almond, white cranberry, pomegranate, carrot, cucumber and green tea all to combat free radicals and boost protection of the skin. Good for even sensitive skins and offers good protection.