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Five Best with turmeric

May 17, 2010 Reviewed by Marta 5 Comments
Multitasking turmeric an amazingly powerful antioxidant. Add half a teaspoon to your food when cooking and you’ll be adding 3,500 ORAC points. In cosmetics  you will find it various guises including tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane and tetrahydrocurcumin, part of the family of equally unpronouncable tetrahydrocurcuminoids. This is an important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, soother of irritations and skin whitener.

Curcumin is thought to be the primary pharmacological agent in turmeric. The research is a bit patchy and most of it has been conducted on animals. However, in some studies, curcumin’s anti-inflammatory effects have been shown to be comparable to the potent drugs such as hydrocortisone. In a report in Medical News, one company claims that turmeric’s skin whitening potency is four times greater than that of the conventional cosmetic whitener, arbutin.  Its cosmetic purposes run the gamut from lightening skin to removing superfluous hair to curing eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

This bright yellow spice is gradually appearing more often and often is cutting edge cosmetic formulations as well as more predictably in those that follow the Ayurvedic tradition. Our Five Best with turmeric will pamper your body with Osmotics Barrier Repair Body Silk, help your hair became stronger and thicker in Nutra-Lift shampoo ($22) and even conceal those little imperfections in Cover FX Conceal FX Camoflager.  For traditionalists, we offer up Pratima Turmeric Face Mask and we simply couldn’t resist including newcomer  Femme Science Age Control. Check out the details by clicking on the images.
  • June 2, 2010

    by Shannel

    Sorry, this post is a bit long.

    I'm trying to get away from hydroquinone products for my oh-so-freckled face and you mention tumeric is a powerful skin lightener (have to give that one a go) and I was wondering if you were familiar at all with a plant called paper mulberry? I came across an article on Medscape ( called Skin Lightening and Depigmenting Agents which cites a Korean study done where "A comparison of the tyrosinase inhibition of paper mulberry with kojic acid and hydroquinone reveals that the IC50 (ie, the concentration causing 50% inhibition of the activity of tyrosinase) is 0.396%, compared with 5.5% for hydroquinone and 10% for kojic acid". If I am understanding that right, it's some pretty potent stuff. I haven't really heard of it though.

    So of course I then searched for products containing it and found Marie Veronique Organics. I was wondering if you had tried/heard of anything regarding that brand or any others containing paper mulberry?

  • May 19, 2010

    by Ines

    Besides the peruvian products stores, we have several in West Palm Beach, you can order it from Amazon, I will experiment along with milk or yogurt....

  • May 19, 2010

    by Ines

    Ha-ha...Thank you for making it clear Marta , my husband also laugh when I asked him the same question. I did some research and it happens that turmeric is what we call "palillo" in Peru, where I am from, very inexpensive and I know where to find it.:)

  • May 19, 2010

    by marta

    Hi Ines. No its not the same. If you have "curry" powder at home then its probably a blend of different spices that in India would be called a masala. There is a curry leaf plant, botanically, it’s called Murraya koenigii.

  • May 19, 2010

    by Ines

    Hi Marta,
    Is turmeric the same is curry? I am planning to do my DIY version of the Pratima face mask.

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