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Five worst anti-aging creams

January 4, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 1 Comment

This list of the five worst anti-aging creams is based on personal experience, scientific trials and common sense. Bottom line, don't waste your money on the following:

1. La Prairie Cellular. This was tested by the American Consumer Union (along with a long list of potions and lotions from Neutrogena, L'Oreal, Avon, RoC and StriVectin, to name a few). In the 12 week trial, La Prairie Cellular was the most expensive cream tested and the worst performing at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Incidentally, Olay's Regenerist serum came out best. I didn't include it in yesterday's top best post because I tried and didn't particularly like it. Is La Prairie's Skin Caviar Liquid Lift worth $500 - read my review

2. La Mer. One of the silliest attempts at creating moisturizing mythology, La Mer is supposedly based on a secret 'broth' made from kelp that is harvested twice a year and enhanced by "unique energy sources" like light and air. Really. Even the manufacturers claim they don't know how it works. And, as I've said before, that's probably because it doesn't. Read my article on what is actually in La Mer

3. Freeze 24/7. The manufacturer calls it a 'dream cream'. This is one of the worst things I have tried. It doesn't get absorbed by the skin and so just lies on the surface until it starts to flake off and give your clothes the appearance of having lost heavily in a battle against dandruff. After a few weeks, whatever is left in the pot goes hard and lumpy. Read more on GABA, the active ingredient in Freeze 24/7

4. StriVectin. Now to be honest, the early indications with a tube of StriVectin were good. People even commented on my skin. In particular, there was a nice sheen from cheekbones to crow's feet. I was beginning to think I was on to something, but all of a sudden, after a couple of months, it stopped working. I remained in denial and even bought a second tube. I don't why it stopped being effective. However, I have noticed women commenting on the same experience in reviews and forums.

5. Cellex-C High Potency Serum. The only thing this did for my skin was dry it out. Otherwise, it made not one wit of difference. Several reviewers on concur.

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  • November 4, 2009

    by Thomas

    With respect I have an issue with some of your reviews. Specifically in this instance, I see no indication that you actually used La Prairie Cellular but rather trusted the results obtained by the American Consumer Union. Generally, this would be fine if you, yourself, did not call into question their information by stating the product they rated best "Olay’s Regenerist Serum" was then used by you and that you "did not particularly like it". So in effect what you have done is accepted and trusted their claim that La Prairie performed poorly (apparently without any personal testing fro you) while you then personally found the product they claimed to be the best was not something you liked. If the groups number one choice impressed you so little -- AFTER you actually tried it--- why would you then use this groups information to select a product "La Prairie Cellular" (seemingly without trying it) and hold it out to be listed as your #1 Five Worst Anti-Aging Creams? Is this fair or is it biased? Why you would chose to use information from a study you effectively disputed by your own experience is quite amazing to me.
    For the record, I have used La Prairie and have never enjoyed any of their products including the new Platinum Cream in the 'cut crystal' jar ( I am sorry but sometimes I do have to laugh). I do however believe that anyone who elects to review (judge) a product should stick to what THEY have experienced or if not then at least some semblance of fairness/coherency in terms of how they interpret and apply others results. I have not read the remainder of this 'review' though I did notice was mentioned toward the end. Frankly, when the first product listed, as the #1 poorest, has been so unfairly reviewed/skewed it would seem rather misguided to continue reading the article. I would also like to remind, again from my experience, that any product not bought from an authorized reseller of the product may not be the actual product or may be well passed its shelf life. As much as I enjoy the internet if you are buying your products from anyone not licensed or authorized to resell them you CAN NOT make an accurate/honest judgement on those products. Please check your sources before you buy !

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