Until a few years ago I didn’t bother with a body moisturizer.  In my mind it was an unnecessary step in my daily routine.  That was until I was perusing the grooming section of a popular men’s magazine which extolled the benefits of slathering on a moisturizer fresh out of the shower.  It was an ‘aha’ moment – after all, who wants a fresh youthful face sitting on an aged and uncared for body?  It only takes a couple minutes and I will reap benefits down the road?  Sign me up!

Future Face is a new company based in France and one of their products is a Hydrating Body Milk with fresh quince extract.  In an attempt to thoroughly test this Body Milk, I only used it on the left half of my body from shoulder to foot, applying immediately after shower and toweling off, and used nothing on the right side for the first week.  My immediate observation was that it quickly sank in without feeling greasy, leaving the skin smooth without being shiny.  As might be expected, the left side felt smoother and had a more hydrated appearance than the right at the end of the week.

The first two ingredients are shea butter which we know is good for the skin, and fresh quince extract that reportedly may provide antioxidant activity.  It also contains parabens and lists fragrance as the last ingredient – which to me smells like a really cheap moisturizer and would be best left out.  It is packaged in a cylindrical blue glass bottle with a screw top.  This, too, could be improved by adding a pump or packaging in a container with a flip-squeeze top for easier dispensing (pouring it out of the bottle into your hand wasn’t ideal).

Since I knew what to expect using no body lotion, I decided to compare this product against another.  From the second week forward, I continued using the Body Milk on the left side and began using Avon Skin So Soft Body Lotion (it’s what I had on hand) on the right side.  Each day I closely examined each side by sight and feel.  Both did their job of moisturizing the skin and keeping it supple.  In fact, I saw nor felt any difference between the two, so I even spot checked on my arms and legs with a magnifying glass daily during the fourth week.  There was no discernable difference to me.  (However, since it can’t be seen, I can’t comment on the possible antioxidant benefits derived from the quince in the Future Face Body Milk.)  In my (unscientific) test I found the Hydrating Body Milk did the job, but I think there are probably better body moisturizers out there.